Fighting Nightmares

“I’m strolling up a golden tiled isle, heading for the checkout,” Kenny said hazily. “My shopping cart is completely gold-plated; everything from the wheels to the push bar.”
Mary’s hand stroked slowly up and down her husband’s back.  She was dumbfounded listening to Kenny recall the vision.  Although his body sat rigidly upright in the leather recliner, his unconscious head dangled and bobbed against his broad chest, with each spoken phrase.  As words slipped through his snoozing lips, Mary’s flesh chilled over.  The imagery seemed so real.
Doctor Roberts sat before Kenny, listening intently to the recount.  The slow, monotonous tick of a metronome on the side table filled the little room, as Kenny paused.
“What do you see inside the shopping cart, Kenny?” Doctor Roberts asked.
“I see…white armor; miscellaneous pieces of plated steel armor.  It’s all so beautiful.  I’m rummaging through it now.”
Kenny’s left arm lazily began to sift through open air, as if searching through a filled box.
“Oh!  I’m next in line.  I have to move up,” he said.  “The angel at the counter is huge!  He must be ten feet tall.”
Mary and Doctor Roberts exchanged puzzled looks.
“You see an angel before you, Kenny?” Doctor Roberts quizzed.
“Yes.  His name is Michael, and he’s smiling at me.  I…I feel…happy…no wait, that’s not it.  I feel…honored to be in his presence.”
Mary absently brushed tears away from her eyes, as she continued to stroke her husband’s back.  Doctor Roberts raised a hand toward her, bidding Mary to remain calm.  The whole hypnosis process relied on absolute calm and serenity.
“Kenny, what is Michael doing right now?” the doctor whispered.
“He’s pulling the items from my cart.  He’s inspecting them and describing each piece to me.  I’m being told how to use each one.” Kenny responded.
“Can you describe what Michael is saying to you?  Do you recognize the pieces?” Doctor Roberts inquired.
“Yes.  The helmet of salvation is used to protect my mind from Satan’s evil thoughts.”
Doctor Roberts gasped.  His eyes grew wide.  As his subject continued to speak, he noticed Kenny’s head raise from his chest.  He felt as though Kenny stared at him through closed eyes.
“I see body armor of righteousness.” Kenny pronounced.  “I’m supposed to put this on, to protect my heart from the devil’s attacks.”
“What else?  Do you have a belt, Kenny?” Doctor Roberts asked.
“I do!  It’s the belt of truth. I’ll use it to discern GOD’s truth.  The evil one is a master liar, Michael tells me.  I need this belt to ward off his lies.” Kenny said.  Tears began to stream from his closed eyes.
“What else is there, Kenny?” the doctor asked.  His hands were now firmly planted against Kenny’s knees, as he leaned forward to hear the truth.
“Michael’s pulling shoes from my cart.  He says I need these to keep pressing forward, through the devil’s obstacles.”
Mary began to sob quietly.  She suddenly recalled these items, from church services attended as a little girl.  She couldn’t believe how GOD was planting visions into her husband.  Kenny had never even picked up a Bible in all of their 15 years of marriage!
“Michael’s handing me a sword and a shield now.  He says…the shield…will…ward off the fiery darts of the enemy. I don’t understand, but…wait.  He’s…explaining,” Kenny’s brow furrowed as if he were locked in contemplation.
“Take your time.” Doctor Roberts said.
“The fiery darts are…temptations, setbacks, and arguments; anything negative.  I’m to fight back…using the sword.  He calls it GOD’s word.”
“How extraordinary!” Doctor Roberts whispered.
“Michaels says…I’m almost ready to use these items.  He’s directing me toward a door.  I’m walking through…” Kenny muttered, before his head lobbed forward.  His back connected with the chair back, as his body slumped.
“Doctor, what’s happened?” Mary asked franticly.
“His journey is over.  Kenny has been anointed a Christian soldier, Mary.  GOD is about to use your husband to do great things to glorify his kingdom.”
Kenny suddenly snorted and snapped awake.  He stretched wide and yawned deep.
“What happened, honey?” He asked Mary.  “One minute I was listening to doc here, and the next, I’m staring at you.  Why is my face wet?  And why are you two staring at me like that?”
“Kenny, I’d like you and Mary to read Ephesians 6:10-17 tonight.  I believe this will explain your recurring dreams of warfare.”
“The Bible, doc?” Kenny asked.
“Trust me son. It’s all you’ll need, for fighting nightmares.”

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