ENNIS: One Choice


Around lunchtime, I found myself blindly surfing the net as I wolfed down my Subway sandwich.  Nothing exciting happening in the news; already read my Bible chapter for the day; Youtube had nothing interesting to offer.  I found myself glancing at a site dedicated specifically to baby names and their origins.  Intrigued, I looked up the name ENNIS. 

Now up to this point in life, I ‘ve only heard of one other person in the world who shared my name, as a first name: the late Ennis Cosby.  Here’s a fun fact for you.  Bill Cosby was my Dad’s favorite comedian back in the 70’s. I was born one year after Ennis, and was given his name in honor of Mr. Cosby.  In 38 years on this earth, Ennis Cosby was the only other Ennis I’d ever heard of.  I thought that made me rather unique. 

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered my name on the list.  I found out that “Ennis” is of Celtic descent.  Its definition: One Choice. 

I thought, “One choice for what?  That could mean anything.”

True.  One choice between Pepsi or Coke; one choice between paper or plastic; one choice between Dodge Challenge or Ford Mustang; one choice between Honda CBR or Suzuki GSXR; one choice.  Of course, these are all material decisions to be made.  It was in that realization that I came across something a little bigger than my selfish material fantasies.

What if the One Choice to be made would determine the difference between eternal life and eternal damnation? What if GOD, in all his soverign wisdom, knew that a day would come when I would have to make the ultimate choice to serve him, or become a slave to Satan?  What if he wrote that name in the Book of Life aeons ago, knowing that I would someday choose him over the world? 

Just for kicks, I went back to the search bar and typed in the last name, SMITH.  You can’t find a more common name than that, unless you happen to be a JONES.  The resultant definition described Smith as a shorthand form of blacksmith.  A craftsman known to forge armor using an anvil and fire. 

In the grand scheme of things, what does this all mean?  Nothing to you.  But you see, here’s the significance to me.  I recently asked GOD if I was on the right track in following him; was my life actually making a difference in his eyes.  Was I really on the right track of doing what he called me to do.  My answer?

ENNIS SMITH made to the one choice to follow GOD.  Jesus is in the process of forging my new life, hammering away at the old sins and temptations of old, while forging a new life by his holy fire. 

I was born to follow the Lord.      

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