My Faith

The invisible tug to the left, while everyone else is urging you to swerve right,
That unseen push against your back, forcing you to continue the fight.
The whisper saying you’re right when everyone thinks you’re wrong,
The silent voice saying, “keep the speech short”, when friends say make it long.
Skipping what’s easy and popular, to do what’s hard but fair,
Pulling a miracle, damn near out of thin air.
Staying the course, and remaining true to the straight line,
In the hopes that someday what I blindly search for, will someday become mine.
You swim against the current; you step against the wind,
Somehow instinctively knowing that the goal is just around the bend.
Cutting a new path through the thickening weeds,
Your belief in the spirit transforms into the drive your heart needs.
The fire I have inside, forbids me to stop trying,
Saying, “I’m no good at this”…to myself, I’d be lying.
I will continue the journey, until the taste for triumph grows stale;
I stand alone and I do not fail.
My Faith

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