The Weary Soldier’s Psalm

“Father God, I am overwhelmed by the trials of this world.
My enemies are an invisible legion, attacking at will.
Satan mocks my faith; he harasses my soul with never ending torture.
My strength waivers under his terrible pressure.
At every turn, he tempts me with his poisonous promises.
My eyes behold his blatant evil every day, and my heart groans for reprieve.
 The fire of my spirit is all but extinguished; I am spent, O Lord.
The evil one’s victory over your servant is at hand.
Yet, I will not concede, for you are everlasting.
Though darkness imminently falls, in this earthly realm,
You bid me to hang on for just a while longer.
The veil of separation between my world and heaven is within reach.
Your word breathes fresh air into my dusty lungs, purifying them.
Your grace washes the grime of this world from my eyes, allowing me to see.
Your anointing empowers my fatigued muscles, enabling me to resist Satan’s press.
Your favor re-energizes my spirit, inspiring me to turn the tide against the legion of darkness.
I sing praises to the most high; I shout halleluiah toward the heavens.
You have not forsaken me, O Lord; you have not abandoned your servant.
 I cried out to you in anguish, and you heard my pleas.
I begged for your mercy, and you heard my desperation.
I cowered in fear of the enemy, and you protected me from harm.
O Lord, you alone are my eternal shepherd; I shall forever follow your lead.
My God, you are my immovable rock; you lift me for protection against passing evil.
Heavenly father, you are my closest friend; you light my path through the valley of darkness.
I thank you for the blessings not yet perceived.
I thank you for the restoration of my peace, in advance.
I thank you for walking me through the fires of discomfort, to reshape me.
I thank you for the future call, you are preparing me for.

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