Hang In There and Remain Faithful


The bills were overdue; long overdue.  The income coming in wasn’t even close to the expenditures for necessities. The car payment was so far behind, the next call could be the one informing us of an impending repossession. We were down to deciding on groceries for the week or electricity. And on top of all the mounting pressures, we had to figure out how we were going to provide school clothes and supplies for our children. School stuff? We’re struggling to eat, here!

During this time, I had to deal with issues concerning our choices. You see, earlier in the year, my wife decided to leave her job, of 16 years. As part of our walk in faith, she felt the need to leave that familiar yet stressful environnment in order to focus on what God was calling her to do. From a logical standpoint, the move made no sense to me at all. We were struggling to stay afloat while we both worked. Losing income seemed absolutely insane to me. But…I trusted the Lord and gave my wife the support she needed.

So flash forward. I’m looking back on that decision with the fear of a man who knows he’s made the biggest mistake of his life. At least…that’s what Satan tried telling me. Through the mounting expenses and the stressful telephone calls, the Lord kept whispering to me. He continuously told me to remain faithful. Stay with him because his hand was in our situation. He knew our needs and he promised to provide for us. Our only task, was to remain faithful.

So we did. My wife and I continued to read the word and pray. Things at my job are a little slow, but I took whatever work they had for me. We continued to worship every Sunday; I played keyboard  as usual; she taught children’s Sunday school, as always. And despite our own trials, we continued to thank God for his many blessings and gifts.

Through the word, God granted me knowledge; the kind of knowledge needed to help ourselves. He reminded me of my 401K plan, and gave me the go ahead to borrow from it. Days turned into weeks as we patiently awaited the arrival of the money needed to climb out of our troubles. I began to make calls to my retirement fund institution, asking where the check was; its expected arrival date had come and gone by several days. Still the Lord told me to remain faithful.

I began to panic; began to contemplate taking matters into my own hands; God was taking too long. Maybe he had abandoned us for some unforseen sin we’d comitted. But still he told me to remain faithful.  I contemplated borrowing money from family, an act I swore never to do. Still, he told me to wait and remain faithful.

  I took my eye away from our troubles for one second, to pray for a friend. That’s when God showed up. He granted us a financial gift to relieve our debt and buy school clothing and supplies for the children. He never once abandoned us.

What I learned from this experience was this. Sometimes our troubles may seem insurmountable, but our God is faithful. He only asks that we love him and believe in him. He’ll take care of the rest, by granting direction and devine intervention when needed. God keeps his promises. We just need to hang in there, and remain faithful ourselves.

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