New Beginnings


Change is scary at times. It removes us from familiar surroundings, and often times drops us dead center into the town of WHAT-DO-I-DO-NOW; population: one. It’s hard to give up what we’ve become accustomed to doing for so long, even when what we’re used to doing is no longer productive for our growth or well being.

The thing you have to understand about following the Lord is this: He is serious about this walking-by-faith business. When God gets involved in your life, you can be sure to expect change to accompany him. I mean, when you get right down to it, that’s how God fixes us. Change. For most of us, when change shows up, we’re unprepared, overwhelmed, anxious, and maybe even a bit irritated by its arrival. It has no sense of consideration toward our self righteous egos, you understand. No, change just shows up whenever God gives it the green light. Often times, we’d like our relationship with change to progress something like this:

“Who’s there?”
“Nope. Today’s not a good day. In fact, my year is pretty much booked. Tell you what, I’ll just give you a call when I’m ready for you.”

Yeah, that would be awesome if it worked out that way, wouldn’t it? But consider this. If it DID work that way, how many of us would actually grow, progress, and mature? And there’s the issue. The problem with some of us lies in the fact that we’ve ignored change, opting to follow our own paths instead of listening to the Lord, when he’s called us to change. Hence, the feeling of cirlcing the same problems and issues over, and over, and over, and over (did I say over), and over again. You know, there was this one particular group of people from the Old Testament times who experienced the monotony associated with ignoring change. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

The Israelites

Think about your worse recurring problem, then imagine having to experience it for the next 40 years! No thank you. I’d rather deal with change, when God introduces it into my life. And that’s what we have to do when it shows up. We simply have to embrace it, with the faith that God is at work in our lives.

We’re so stubborn as a people, we sometimes ask God for change, but then hesitate to engage when it shows up. We’d like for change to show up under our terms, and in our timeframe. Lord forgive us. God works in his own timeframe and under his own conditions. What we have to learn to do is be ready to engage change, when God hits the “GO” button. He my not respond to a request for change for a few days, a few months, or even a few years. But when he sends it our way, we have to be ready to rock and roll because when God moves, he moves instantaneously, Amen?

There can be no, “Wait! I know I asked for this, but you caught me off guard! Give me a few months to prepare”. Yeah, no. That’s not how it works. You gotta be ready to engage, baby! Even if you have no idea how God’s plan for change is going to affect in your life. We have to just go with it, whether we’ve prayed for change, or not. Just go with it, because when God moves in our lives, we have to accept the fact that he’s working for our greater good. FAITH is the word. Faith.

January 30th was exactly one year since I was baptised. The Lord had been speaking and working in my life for some time before then, but the actual baptism was the deal-sealing act for me. God had worked so deep into my life that my tastes and styles had changed. Not overnight, mind you, but definitely visible to those closest to me. Change was painful. My ego pitched a fit, as God removed things and junk from my mind, heart, and possession. As I learned to accept change in my life, I learned to start asking for it.

So, around January of this year, I asked God to make some sort of change in the area of the most stress in my life, at the time: my job. Now I work with a lot of good people and I’ve held on to the same position with the same company for over 14 years. But as I began to grow in the Lord, my attitude toward my surroundings began to…well, for lack of a better word…change.

God just showed up. He dropped a new roll with a new company into my lap, and dared me to refuse his gift. Tomorrow marks the end of a chapter in my life, as it will be the last day working for my current employer. I’m keeping my faith in God, accepting the fact that this is all his doing, and moving forward into a new chapter of life, with him leading the way.

The change is a bit scary, but I know that this new beginning is of God, and works for the greater good in my life.  

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