The Sin of Wasted Talent


* I could have been blessed with the most beautiful voice of the 21st century. But no one would hear me if I never raised my voice to sing out loud. 

*  I could have the quickest feet ever observed on a football field, yet who would notice my running speed from my basement couch?

*  I could possess an enigmatic thought process so profound, it would stump world leaders. But, who would recognize my quantum intelligence, if I sat in my house and played Xbox 360 all day?

*  I could win the heart of the girl of my dreams, because I’m twice the man her current boyfriend will ever be. But how will she notice me, if I never speak to her and make her see me?

*  I could be the greatest youth minister in the history of my church. But how will I ever find out, if I continue to ignore God’s call on my life?

*  I could be the best Dad in the world, to my daughters. But how will they ever grow to love me truly, if I’m always too busy to spend quality time with them?

*  I could have been an awesome christian fiction writer, in my prime. But I kept putting off the ideas floating around in my head. Yesterday…I died with regret.

I could; I will…someday; but not today.  The sin of wasted talent. We are all born with gifts.

The challenge, in life, is to discover those gifts and use them for the greater good.

To dream is not foolish. It is foolish to dream without trying.

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