Dressed For Battle


The Body Armor is strapped on first. Though light-weight, it’s sturdy. I can lift it with a pinky, but its strength deflects all projectiles aimed at my heart. Satan’s lies do not penetrate, his threats do not strike fear, he cannot weaken my resolve with his false promises and hollow praises. My soul’s furnace pumps hot blood through my veins as God intended, because the body armor is impenetrable.

I strap on the Belt of Truth, next. The moment the clasp is fastened and the belt is secured ’round my waist, my eyes are opened to the spiritual battle taking place. While the unsaved eye sees the false beauty produced by the evil one, my eyes see the truth for what it really is. Facades crumble revealing genuine intentions. Fake sentiments are flushed, exposing true threats. Satan’s hidden dangers become visible, once the belt is in place.

My feet slide into the Shoes of Peace. More comfortable than cashmere and feather-downed house slippers, these shoes are light and durable enough to tread through the muddy slop of the devil’s twisted terrain, and still maintain their lusterous shine. I am able to continue moving forward in my appointed task of spreading the Lord’s good news. I defensively trample Satan’s obstacles, placing one foot ahead of the other. I never stop moving forward, carrying the Lord’s word in my wake.

Before I take the first step into the day’s battlefront, I place the Helmet of Salvation over my head. Ah yes, the helmet’s cool interior not only protects my delicate flesh from the harsh spiritual elements, but also deflects the seeds of doubt floating through the air of the battlefield. Satan’s doubts are shut out of my mind. God’s truth is protected; locked away inside my mind, with the helmet secured.

My Shield of Faith is an awesome defensive weapon. Its mirror exterior is emblazoned with four words across its face, that together strengthen the shield’s already immovable surface: Discipline, Faith, Love and Trust. The firey arrows of Hell’s legion bounce harmlessly from my shield, as I tread through the battlefield of life. As long as I clutch the shield close, insults, setbacks, and temptations buckle under my unwaivering advance.

The last piece of my ensemble, is the most powerful weapon in my arsenal, and the only offensive piece I possess. The Mighty Sword is the Word of God. My Lord has given me a powerful weapon to slash at the deception of the evil one, from time to time. God’s word is an awesome double-edged sword capable of simultaneously cutting sin from my midst and slicing through the fog of Satan’s corruption. The word is truth, righteousness, peace, and faith all wrapped into a dangerously delicate tool of power.

Fully dressed in the Armor of God, and weilding his Word, I step onto the battlefield of life everyday, ready to take on the challenges of an unforgiving world. I do not conform to the patterns of the world, when dressed for battle. I do not fear and I do not fail, when wrapped in the light-weight shiny purity of God’s armor. I’m able to fight the threats that exist beyond the comprehension of those not yet saved. I hack and slash my way through Satan’s legions, while carrying God’s message through the battlefield. I am a soldier fighting for the Kingdom. I am a child of God. I am a fallen man, redeemed by the blood of Christ. I will continue to fight for the Lord until he calls me home. On that day, I hope to have him reclaim my used armor, replace it with a white robe of holiness, and open the gates of heaven, bidding me welcome.     


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