The Christ Debate


“You know…I truly believe Easter should have been considered the largely celebrated holiday.” Jay said.

“What are you talking about? We were comparing Harley Davidson and Japanese sport bikes, dude.” Todd retorted. “What’s Easter got to do with muscle versus speed?”

Maria, always the moderator of the trio, weighed in on Jay’s change in subject. “Well that all depends, hon. Which holiday are we comparing to Easter? What’s your basis of comparison?”

“Wait a minute,” Todd yelled. “We didn’t agree on a debate change. This isn’t how we do this. Two-thirds majority rule, guys! Jay can’t just start a new…”

Jay interrupted Todd’s tirade. “I’m proposing Easter as the single most important holiday; bigger than Christmas.”

Todd’s mouth clamped shut, as he glanced at Maria. Maria blinked wide eyed; her interest piqued. Between the three law students, Jay was usually the last one to come up with an entertaining debatable argument. He’d just struck gold.

“That’s a pretty bold claim, counselor.” Todd said. “Alright, I’ll bite. The opponent team says you’re crazy if you seriously think the Easter Bunny’s day is more important than Santa’s Day.”

“Well we have the opposition established.” Maria said. “Your argument, Todd?”

“Okay, I know where this is going already. Jay’s gonna try and throw in some Christian theology to back his claim, so I’ll just go there first. Dude, c’mon; Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus! How can any holiday be more important than that?”

“I’m glad you asked, Todd.” Jay stated. “Easter celebrates the day of the Resurrection of Christ. Although most of the Old Testament points to the birth of the Messiah, Jesus announced His own Resurrection to his disciples and the religious leaders.”

“But how does that make the holiday more important than Christmas, hon?” Maria asked.

“Hey! Moderator on duty, chica.” Todd blurted. “You didn’t jump at the subject. No commentary from the moderator.”

“Sorry. You’re right.”

“So, how does that make the holiday more important than Christmas, Jay? Hello; birth of the Messiah; single greatest event in the history of man!” Todd folded his arms in a triumphant pose.

“I beg to differ, Todd. Jesus predicted his own murder then announced his own Resurrection at the hand of the Father, on the third day. As a man of flesh and blood, he personally promised his defeat of death.”

Jay paused to give Todd a moment to absorb his comments. Standing beside Todd, Maria seemed to be mulling over the facts; a look of bewilderment etched her face.

“I see the opposition is temporarily stumped,” Jay chided. “…so allow me to continue. The Word is God. While the Old Testament pointed directly to the coming of Messiah along the line of David, this premonition spanned thousands of years, through the profits. Can we agree on that fact?”

Todd glanced toward Maria, who shrugged approval.

“Okay, yeah, we can agree on that.” Todd said.

“Right; thousands of years through the profits and God himself. Todd, Jesus in the flesh pronounced his own death to the very day! As if that weren’t miracle enough, he also predicted the very day he would walk the earth again…as a flesh and blood, living man.”

“Yeah but the opponent team submits that others were resurrected during the ministry of Jesus. So in that respect, his resurrection was just another occurrence.” Todd rebutted.

“Are you listening to yourself right now?” Jay yelled.

“I don’t think that one holds any weight, babe.” Maria said.

“No one in the history of humanity has ever announced their own death and resurrection, and…actually performed the Resurrection themselves, successfully.” Jay stated.

“Ha! Neither did Jesus! The proponent’s argument is flawed!” Todd yelled. “God, the Father, actually resurrected God, the Son. You lose counselor. Christmas stands as the most important holiday.”

“Madam moderator? Would you care to explain to the opponent team?” Jay said. A light smile lit across his face.

“The Holy Trinity, babe. Father; Son; Holy Spirit. All God. It can be loosely argued that God did, in fact, announce his death, and subsequently defeated death by resurrection; by way of Omnipresence. Moderation supports Easter as the most important holiday.”

Todd fumed. His face bloomed a bright red.

“Fine, I concede Jay. But I’ll tell you this: If Jesus walked the earth today, he’d ride a Harley before straddling a stupid sport bike.”

“Personally, I think he’d prefer the speed of a sport bike.” Maria argued.

Jay raised a hand to the sky. “Moderator on deck.”

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