TIME: The Enemy of Man



One day, Man and Time met face to face in the radiant light of Eternity, to chat. Man approached Time with a casual, almost whimsical smile and nonchalant swagger. But Time appeared rigid and perturbed by the impromptu meeting. What transpired, would define their tumultuous relationship forever.


MAN:             “Hey, how’s it going with you?”


TIME:            “Hello Man. We need to keep this short. I have a schedule to keep. What can I do for you?”


MAN:             “Straight to business. Okay, so here’s the deal. I’m going to need you to be a little more lenient in your duties. Some stuff is simply taking me…a bit longer to complete, than originally anticipated.”


TIME:            “That’s not an option. Work with what you’re given. You’re wasting me, right this second.”


MAN:             “Why are you always against me? What have I ever done to offend you?”


TIME:            “Hey don’t take my work personally. I’m not your friend. My job is not to support your efforts. I march forward, whether you’re ready or not.”


MAN:             “Can’t you slow down a bit? Sometimes, I just need you to cut me a break.”


TIME:            “Sorry. I don’t operate that way. That’s not how God built me to function.”


MAN:             “Yeah, well can’t you cut me some slack? I understand I can be difficult to deal with, but I have a lot to do. You don’t exactly make it easy for me to complete my tasks and accomplish my goals.”


TIME:            “That’s not my problem, Man. I treat you no different than I treat every other living thing in this world.”


MAN:             “Therein lies the problem! God created me in His own image. He placed me ahead of every other living thing in the world. Why can’t you fall in line, and submit to my authority?”


TIME:            “Don’t you lecture me! You’re a double-minded creature, by nature. You don’t know what you want from one day to the next. Half the time…excuse me…half of me, you want me to speed up to quickly advance your blessings. With the other half of me, you would have me slow down to prolong your lazy behavior. Which is it? I simply don’t have ‘time’ to wait for you to decide, Man!”


MAN:             “But…but…wait a minute…”


TIME:            “I wait for no Man! You know how this works! From the moment you take your first breath of fresh air, outside the womb, your clock begins countdown. Our race begins. You can’t bargain with me; you can’t negotiate for more or less of me; you can’t persuade me, so don’t try! Instead, focus on your calling, as dictated by the Lord.”


MAN:             “That’s what I’m trying to do, if you would only…”


TIME:            “I’m not finished! Don’t interrupt me again! Stop wasting me on perishable things, trivial desires and feeble beliefs. Use every day to diligently search for the Lord and His call on life. Only He has the ability to alter how much of me is distributed among you.”


MAN:             “I understand.”


TIME:            “Really? No, I don’t think you do! More often than not, I find myself watching you condemned than redeemed, when we meet at the end of your cycle. You’re failing, Man. You’re repeating the same mistakes over and over again; perpetuating insanity.”


MAN:             “I know. I just don’t know any other way. If you could just help me out this once, I…”


TIME:            “Argh; I AM helping you! We’re talking right now. And do not give me that pitiful excuse, ‘I don’t know any other way’. You’re born with an innate knowledge of the Lord. You simply choose to disobey Him. I can’t help you with that. You have to choose to follow Him, in order to influence me.”


MAN:             “I suppose that makes sense. You’re basically telling me that I can’t waste you.”


TIME:            “That’s what I’m telling you, Man. I will not wait for you; for any of you. The Lord is my authority. What you fail to realize is that He’s given me authority over you.”


MAN:             “I see.”


TIME:            “Yes. You finally see.”


MAN:             “Yes. I have no excuses. I have to choose wisely. I have to seek Him first.”


TIME:            “Yes. Who knows? If you follow Him faithfully, maybe He will instruct me to give more of myself. After all, even I’m called to serve Him.”


MAN:             Yeah, I see. I need to think about this for a little while. It’s a lot to process right now.”


TIME:            “Might I suggest something? While you’re busy deciding, I’m working. While you remain still, I’m pushing forward. How long will it be before you decide?”


The question lingered in Man’s ears through all Eternity. How long, before you decide?



4 thoughts on “TIME: The Enemy of Man

  1. Jim Neilsen

    Nephew Ennis, that is very good. I like the personification of time you give us. It is both entertaining and thought provoking. This is my first visit here, but it shall not be my last, you're on my favorites list now. Give my love to the wife and kids.


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