Time for Change


Hi.  So…this is where you’ve decided to spend your remaining time; glancing over some random guy’s blog entry. You’ve probably never seen an entrance quite like this one, which is exactly why you can’t seem to take your eyes off the screen. Funny thing is…that was the plan the whole time. God’s not done with you yet. So before you roll the ball on the mouse, skipping ahead to the next blog, you just might want to hang with me for a minute or two. I have a message especially for you; yes…you.

Jesus was with you, when it seemed things couldn’t possibly get any worse. He allowed you to take the reins, chart your own course, and push forward with your own plans. I’m sure you probably felt as if you were alone for most of the journey. Who could you trust? People have a funny way of letting you down, just when you need a helpful hand. Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes in this life. People will always fail you. After you’ve been disappointed for so long, your heart grows numb and you start building up internal walls, right?

You may not see it, but trust me. Jesus was there. The fact is, some hearts are so full of anger and hurt, the Lord has to break them down totally, before they’re free and willing to accept his free gift. Now I see your snide look and can even hear your impatient huff. “What free gift,” you ask. The one you didn’t know you needed: Grace.

You’re tired; you’re weary; you’re sick of crying and ready for the world to stop bullying you. For once, you’d just like to have everything work out right, for a change. That’s where the Grace of the Lord comes in. There are no hidden clauses, penalties or dangers in trusting Him. All He asks is that you believe in Him; I mean seriously believe, friend. The power of His grace does the rest. The simplicity of it is this: it cannot be explained. It has to be experienced. You see, human logic doesn’t blend with the Holy power of the Lord. Trust and genuine belief are all that matter.

What have you got to lose? I mean, you’re here…right?  This very moment is where life has driven you. So don’t think on it logically. Let’s just do it. Repeat after me:

“Lord, I can’t do this on my own anymore. I need your help, from here on out. Please come into my heart, Jesus. I want to believe in you, but I need your help. Please save me. I welcome you into my heart.”

I think the Lord can take it from here. Thanks for sticking with me. You see, I understand because I had to go through the process, too. May God bless you, tonight.

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