Who Am I


Who am I, Lord?

Who do I think I am?

What makes me think that my accomplishments can satisfy superficial requirements, assumed needed to gain entry into your coveted Kingdom?

What drives me to judge the deeds of others as folly, while ignoring my own selfish ambitions?

When did I allow Satan’s lies to become as comforting as your truth, to my ears?

When did I abandon your arms, for the prideful boisters of my ego?

Where was I , the day I decided I didn’t need your guidance any longer?

Where was my proud confidence hiding, the day I tripped and fell into Satan’s arms?

Why have I neglected the truth of your Holy Word, for the temptations of the devil’s sooth-saying falsehoods?

Why did I become the very man I hate?

How can I steal with my left hand, but point the finger of condemnation at my brothers, with my right hand?

How can I covet a stranger’s things, but neglect my own?”


You are my child. But choosing to listen to your flesh, makes you think you are God.

Although you know that no man can earn his way into my kingdom by works alone, it is your selfish pride that drives you toward works. Because of your pride, you point one finger of condemnation at the deeds of your brothers and sisters, while ignoring the remaining three fingers pointing back at you.

You allowed Satan’s lies to comfort and puff you, the very day you skipped meditating on my Holy word.

The day you refused to see me, through the Word, you were in the comfort of your own home. Your proud confidence led you astray, and you chose to divert your time elsewhere, for only a split second. It was all the time Satan needed to pull you away from me.

Once you started down the path of rebellion by neglecting Me, Satan’s empty promises became easier for you to compromise with. Before you knew what was happening, you had become the very person you vowed never to become.

A proud man steals, robs, kills and destroys without the slightest ounce of remorse. A proud woman lies, cheats, and covets without regret. To judge others is easy to do, under the influence of Satan, because you are not held accountable for your own misdeeds.

My child, you are human. Because of your humanity, your walk with me will be filled with obstacles and setbacks for all the days of your life. You must constantly and diligently be on guard, because Satan never sleeps. This is not a game with an ending. As long as breath remains in your lungs, you will be a participant. The struggle never stops. As you learn to defeat one particular challenge, another takes its place.

But I AM here. I will always be here. You simply have to choose to follow me…daily. You see, just as Satan never sleeps, neither do I. But I cannot force you to follow me. It has to be a choice on your part. I realize your humanity makes you flawed, and because of that, you will fall sometimes. But, I’ll be there to help you get back up, when you’re ready. Together, we can conquer all obstacles. But you have to believe in me.

Are you ready, today?

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