Don’t Blink


I blinked for a moment. At least, that’s what I thought. When my eyes opened, I was surrounded by coarse sand and jagged rocks. Then the heat swallowed me. It came over me so quickly. My lungs were an inferno. Sweat drenched every inch of me. My surroundings were confusing. All I could think of was,

“Where the hell am I? What’s going on? How did I get here? Where was I, before this? Where’s my wife?!”

My throat was parched, as I stumbled across the burning sand dunes toward an unknown destination. The sun was relentless, and every step seemed to sap more energy from my weakening legs. Panic: my old friend. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen you. But you sure did show up that day, didn’t you?

“My god, I’m so thirsty. Where am I going? Why’s it so hot out here?”

“You ask too many questions, my love,” she spoke, from behind me. Her sultry voice startled me at first, but as I spun around to catch a glimpse, I was immediately captivated by her ravishing beauty.

“Who…who are you,” I asked. “Where did you come from? Why am I here? Where is ‘here’?”

She slipped a finger to my dried, cracked lips.

“Shhhh. Rest easy, my love. I’m here now. I’ll take care of everything,” she whispered. As her soft, delicate finger gently touched my lips, they instantly dampened with the taste of cool raspberry-flavored water. The moisture spread across my cheeks, quenching the fiery heat of the blazing sun.

I gasped. A pitiful moan slipped out of me, as my tongue-tip instinctively darted for her finger. She was sweet to the taste and I savored the sensation of luscious berries invading my mouth, soothing my pain and anguish. She giggled coyly and slowly moved away from me.

“No don’t go. I…I need you. It’s so hot out here! Please…I need more,” I whimpered.

She smiled and winked at me with haughty, sensuous eyes, while backing away; no…leading me, deeper into the desert wasteland. Those eyes mesmerized me. With each step I pressed toward her through the burning sands, an article of clothing dropped from her person and instantly burst into flames, as it contacted the sand. The sand; she seemed to float atop it, but I never took notice. Her figure was intoxicating. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. There was only…her.

“That’s right, lover. Follow me and I will be yours. Forget about anyone else. Follow me, and I will be all you’ll ever need.”

I wanted to, but somewhere in the distance, a screeching alarm wailed in the humid air. It temporarily cut through the trance, leaving me dumbfounded but coherent. I faltered for a split second.

“Wait. My wife; I have to find my wife. Where in blazes am I, and why’s it so hot here? Who are…”

She moved with the speed of a cobra, locking her moist, sweet lips to mine. My spirit gave way to emotion and I drew her into my arms. The alarm silenced as my body temperature first chilled over, then froze. She tasted like the sweetest passion fruit; her hair was the scent of pastries. Our lips parted momentarily.

“What wife,” she whispered.

“Yes…what wife,” I replied, as I clamped my mouth to hers again.

“Stay here with me, lover. I promise never to hurt you. I will be the water you need, in this desert; in our paradise.”

She withdrew, leaving me shivering despite the smell of ashes and burnt flesh rising from my soul. Gently grabbing my hand, she led me into the heart of the desert. I willingly followed her naked stride over the sands, looking back only to find my own clothing ablaze in a path behind us; my righteous armor, now a smoldering remnant of its former glory.

I never blinked again. I never left the desert. My beauty eventually left me to burn forever in the hot sands, yet I continue to cling to the promise of her return. I realize it was a lie, but I look for her just the same.

I am the deceived. I am the fallen. I am one of many; one within the legion. I once followed the path of light diligently, but blinked for moment. The moment was all the time she needed to capture me, with her promise. Her promise damned me for eternity.
I roam the desert now searching for those restless souls unguarded. I search for the skeptical and the proud; those who, like I once was, choose to question truth. I prowl for the weak. My black heart yearns to devour the foolish.

Don’t you blink. I just may find you.


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