Defrag My System


Lord, my performance is sluggish; my hard drive is cluttered.

I’ve downloaded too many add-ons, and now I’m slow to respond.

My frames per second are low, making my vision lag. I can’t see the whole picture.

My soundcard is overtaxed; I can’t hear your whole message.

Pop-ups bombard my screen, enticing me with useless distractions.

More often than not, my system crashes, prompting a reboot; I fall and have to start all over again.

My cooling fans struggle, with mundane tasks; it’s harder to accomplish small things.

My outdated anti-virus software can’t keep up with the latest threats; a total crash is looming.

Fix me, Lord.

Please, clear up some disk space, in my heart.

Please, defragment my spirit; upgrade my motherboard to coincide with your programming.

Lord, DELETE the garbage I no longer need.

Lord, rearrange my memory blocks to speed up my processing.

Jesus, block the pop-ups sent by Satan, protecting my eyes from unknown surprises.

Jesus, streamline my whole operating system to an infinity-core processor, running Windows eternity.

God, max out my memory, and update my integrated graphics;

Allow me to always retain your downloads, and to see you clearly; no lagging and no glitching.

Rebuild me, Lord.

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