Soshal Meedea Et’ Kut


My wife gave me a bit of shocking news the other day.

“Did you know the schools are planning to eliminate cursive writing from the curriculum?”

I was dumbfounded. How are my kids supposed to know the difference between “sign” and “print” on a legal document? In fact, are we seriously headed toward a time when they won’t understand what “sign” means? 

The advancement of technology is quickly becoming a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes everything we do more convenient than yester-years’ tasks. On the other hand, we’re becoming a nation of lazy gluttons because technology is making everything so technology-dependent.

Do you remember a time when you had to spend a few minutes physically looking at a paper map, before venturing out to an unknown destination? No more. Now millions jump behind the wheel, start driving, and then ask their smartphones to tell them where to go. How many of you out there remember actually walking to the library on a Saturday morning, to do research for a project due on the following Monday? Advances in the internet killed that experience for generation “Y”.

How about this one for musicians: remember the smell of a record store? Remember sifting through the countless stacks of LPs and singles on vinyl? Remember the “clop” of the cassette tape protective cases as you flipped through the alphabetically stacked albums in search of the one you were looking for? Remember when CD albums were $17.99 at Sam Goody? Remember how excited you were to get that album to your home stereo or car, pop it into the deck, and blast the first track or song? One name erased that nostalgic feeling: iTunes. Instantaneous downloads lack the enthusiastic high of actually experiencing and physically touching the tangible music.

Remember when it was cool to actualy be able to spell correctly? Today, I can take that a step further. Remember when it was cool to actually be able to spell? It seems that in today’s society, the more ridiculous you spell on social media sites, the cooler you are. At first, I thought it was limited to kids only. But slowly, it began popping up in the rhetoric of grown folks I have labled as “friends” in my social media circles.

I got to thinking, “Oh Lord, the devil is stupifying the adults now”. For those of you out there oblivious to what I’m talking about, allow me to demonstrate. Watch this and try to keep up old-timers:

“So, on F’day, a met’or hit Russia. WTF?! Wut is God up ther doin? Iz dis da end tmz 4 real or iz it all jus sum kinda coincidenz? Imma start gittin back in my Bible cuz you nevva no wut mite hapin. Maybe God tryin to git hour attinchun down her 4 real.”

That’s just simply painful to read, is it not? And yet, I see jargon like this pop up on my computer screen and cell phone screen almost everyday; kids and adults alike.

I had family say to me, “Well I got this new phone, and the voice-to-text thingy messes up my words, when I’m trying to say a message.”

REALLY?! Come on folks! At what point did we become so lazy, that we can’t even type out our messages anymore? In fact, when did texting become preferred communication, over pushing seven digits and using your voice? When did we become this lazy?

Social media etiquette has degenerated to a point where nonsense babble is becoming an acceptable form of communication. It’s like we’ve forgotten the honor of displaying our intelligence. We’ve chosen to D’lut (excuse me), dilute our own vocabulary for the sake of following the pop culture fad of the day.

I have a cousin who happens to be a brilliant writer. When you get down to the heart of his message, it speaks truth; the kind of truth that people can learn from. Unfortunately, I find it extremely hard to take his writing seriously because I cannot get past his soshal meedea et’kut (that’s social media etiquette for you fellow squares out there). In his mid twenties, he’s fallen victim to the casual influences of the world at large. He doesn’t realize that speaking this way may appeal to children, but shows adult peers just how immature he still is. Its a shame, because his God given talent is stifled by the devil’s subtle sway over his choice in delivery.

I John 2:15 (NLT) says, “Do not love the world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you.” Personally, I don’t want to dishonor what the Lord has put inside of me, for the sake of keeping up with the fad of the times. When we (as adults) choose to use gibberish as official shorthand, we’re teaching the following generations that it is perfectly acceptable to forego intelligence for convenience. Yeah…I’d rather teach my kids to spell the words “laughing-my-butt-off” as opposed to LMBO. Do we still say that, or am I out of touch?

Here’s the really funny thing about the laziness of technological advances. You ever been in a car with someone who’s fighting with their smart phone? It sends them left, when you know they should’ve turned right, adding another 10 minutes to a 5 minute trip. Or, how about that teenager that waits until the absolute last minute to write a paper, then flips out when the internet router crashes (as they tend to do from time to time)? She loses her natural mind, and panics when she can’t “Google” Abraham Lincoln. How about the guy who puts up an elaborately conceived Facebook post about a relevant current event. The only problem is, he posted in soshal meedea et’kut. Now, he’s livid because no adults commented on his post.

Folks don’t be fooled one bit. Soshal meedea et’kut is the devil at work, making you look and sound foolish. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t use LOL to show how amused he was at one of Peter’s jokes, if they were around today. If you’ve got something to say, say it intelgenlee (pardon me); intelligently. Its cool to show your smarts; not to look buffoonish, for the sake of keeping up with the Jones’. If the Jones’ are on the bus to Hell, you can be sure that I’m not on the same bus, and going in a totally different direction. How about you?

#Imjuskeepinitreal (lol)

Really? I’m just trying to keep it Jesus.

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