Dear Satan


Dear Satan,

Hi. Its me, Ennis. You know, the one you like to bully from time to time. I know you’re busy swaying the weak, killing the downtrodden, starting wars, wrecking families and marriages, and flipping off God, but I just wanted a few minutes of your time. This will only take a second actually. You see, I’m putting you on notice.

I’ve decided not to be afraid of you anymore.

Oh! Now you recognize me? Yeah, that’s right…punk. I’m not afraid of you anymore. I realize you have the power to destroy everything I hold dear to my heart. You can kill my body, I understand. You may even be able to sway some of my children, for a time. I know you can take my wife in some horrific accident. You might be able to claim my job, take away my toys, repossess my car and house. You could humiliate my character with your lies, so that the followers of the world might shun me.

You cannot claim my spirit, however. That’s right. God’s in me.

Admittedly, sometimes your threats are so fierce, I forget who’s really in charge. Sometimes, you cause me to doubt my faith; yeah, I’ll give you that one. There are times when the money’s short, and the bills are due, and the heat is hot, and the pressure’s on; times when I feel like quitting and giving into you. You’re thorough, you are.

But today, see, I just don’t feel like catering to your attacks. Today, I know who resides in me. Today, I’m close to the Spirit of Jesus.

Ooooh! Did that make you mad? Are you cool? I mean, I could call Jesus right now, if you need me to further persuade you. I’m just saying. Today, He’s got me covered. You might not want to mess around with one of His true believers.

Yeah, there will be other days when I may be a little weak on faith. There may come a day, where you really have me up against the ropes, and my voice to the Lord is a whisper. You might intimidate me again…one day.

But that day’s not this day. So don’t bother with threatening me. I’m sure that whole North Korean missle crisis thing is taking up a lot of your time. I just wanted to let you know that today,you lost another convert. Honestly, I’d be okay with you never coming around again, but I understand that’s just wishful thinking. For now, you can get behind me Satan, in the name of Jesus.

I’ve got His work to do.



P.S.  You do know all your efforts are futile, right? I mean, c’mon. You read the book, too. We know who wins in the end.

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