A Prayer for Cheryl



I trust your work, although I don’t always know what your plans are. Your word says that all things are completed for your glory. I keep the faith within me, believing your word to be true. Sometimes, it’s hard to hold a tight grip on faith, however.

Lord I’m angry, because I don’t understand what you’re doing right now.

As far as I know, Cheryl is a kind-hearted and giving woman. She’s always gone above and beyond to help the kids of the local elementary school. Even when she felt weary, she participated in putting smiles on their faces. I never saw her downtrodden. She was such a positive inspiration to people. If good deeds guaranteed an express ticket to heaven, she would deserve a free ride.

Lord, not even a month ago, my wife and I prayed for the gift of your grace and mercy to be  bestowed on her and her family, as they said their final goodbyes to her son. It was a tragic and unexpected loss, as you well know. You know her circumstances. You know their relationship. Personally, my heart was heavy for her. The death of her son caused me to evaluate my relationships with my own kids.

Tonight…I’m speechless. I can’t begin to understand why you would take away her husband, when they were still reeling from the loss of a son. I don’t know what you’re doing! My wife and I talked about how much she would need you, to deal with her son’s death. We guessed she didn’t know you Jesus, and we prayed that somehow you would break through the fog of her nightmare reality to show her your true love and compassion.

Lord, how are we supposed to help her to see you now? I want to believe there is some good in all of this, but I struggle to see it. Help me understand! Please help her!

I’m so angry.

So angry.

Despite my anger, I know I need to rely on you to see her through this double tragedy. Tonight, I want to stand in the gap for a brave woman.

Father God I pray, in the mighty name of Jesus, that you walk Cheryl through these humanly impossible trials, Lord. Please carry her through the fire, and bring her out the other side, for her remaining children. Lord, please grant Cheryl grace and mercy as she attempts to go on without her husband. Lord, comfort her spirit during the dark nights that lie ahead. Lord, please grab hold of her will, and charge it to go on; don’t let her give into despair. Fight the battle for her, Lord; Satan is upon her! Please save her life!

Lord, send your saints to console Cheryl in her time of need.Send the multitude! If Misty and I can help in any way, direct our steps, Lord. She will be angry. She will hurt. Lord, she will be fearful. Please forgive her humanity, as she struggles to face a new reality. Father please…draw light into her life, through this dark passage.

I stand in the gap for one who cannot stand on her own, right now. Please hear my prayer, Lord.

One thought on “A Prayer for Cheryl

  1. Amen Bro… I pray that God be near to her and that His presence translate into peace and strength for her and her family. God knows the strength of our spirits and promises that He will make us “complete in Him”. I pray that the hole in her soul be filled with God's “whole”-ness.


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