Dad’s Prayer (Let Me Show You)


“Lord, do you care about me and my family
Hard times stretch out, as far as I can see
For every step I make, I take two back
Feels like I’m stuck in a rut; can’t find the right track

Lord help me please, I can’t help myself
I’ve wasted too much time tryin’ to be someone else
I turn it over to you, to let you lead the way
I’m sick of findin’ trouble, chasin’ false hopes day to day

‘Count it all joy’, James 1:2 says
Keepin’ the faith for the brighter days
Lord I know you’re with me, so please forgive my doubt
Got some stress upon my chest; I’m tryin’ to shout it out

I need a new plan; somethin’ I can understand
Reading through your word to help me grow into a better man
Guide me down your path ’cause see, I haven’t got a clue
I know you’ve got a plan; I wanna help you see it through

As for me and my house, we choose to serve you
Wanna be accepted when my time is due
Blessing on my son Lord; teach him how to stand
Grow him up into a Godly man.”

I gotta find that place in my heart I can turn to
I need your mercy and grace, ’cause there’s so much I go through
God I need your strength to do things I’m afraid to do
Take me into your arms, and I promise I’ll follow you.

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