Heroes Seek Justice and Love Mercy

The Christian Contemporary group Casting Crowns performed the song, “Courageous” for the movie of the same title. During the bridge, the lyrics recant, “seek justice; love mercy; walk humbly with your God.” For me, these lyrics bring to mind the integrity of comic book heroes such as Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, and Thor just to name a few. These fictional characters all possess the moral traits of our very real, very much alive superhero: Jesus Christ.
Heroes seek justice, no matter how deep it may be buried in the mire of surrounding corruption. Heroes understand that average people make mistakes. Because of our unfailing ability to screw up from time to time, heroes have mercy on us. They offer second chances when we need them. Heroes know they are stronger than others, yet choose to responsibly dial down their strengths, to help others rather than to hurt or lord over them.
Most fathers are natural heroes. I say that cautiously, because we all know of examples to the contrary. Sure there are some anti-hero dads out there, teaching their children the benefits of stepping on the little guys of the world, to achieve financial securities. And then, there are the villain fathers of the world: deadbeats; degenerates; absentees; bullies. We know all too well that these latter two groups of men leave a society of unloved, and ill-prepared children in their wake. But, I want to speak on the real heroes.
Let’s thanks the fathers who work double shifts during the week and still manage to coach a baseball team on the weekends. I’m talking about those dads who gave up their own personal dreams to nurture the dreams and aspirations of their little ones. Let’s give praise to the dads out there who teach their children to love the Lord. These are heroes and they are raising the next generation of heroes behind them.
Some children in the public school system may never hear a word about Jesus, unless it comes from a child whose father taught them to stand up for the justice of the Lord. Some children in the inner city may never experience a true Christian peer unless they cross paths with a young soldier trained to love the mercy of the Lord, and mimic His love. Some children learn about Jesus simply by watching a Christian classmate enact a simple gesture of kindness, learned from home; taught by dad.
Some of you know what I’m talking about. Some of you don’t have a clue what I speak of. To those confused souls I pose this question: Where are you, men of courage? Your children need you to be heroes! The nation’s prison system is overwhelmed by villainous children; children bred in the cruel world without heroic leadership.
Heroes seek justice, and love mercy. Jesus continues to teach us this. On this holiday, this Father’s Day evening, appreciate your hero. Whether he be your husband, your birth father, a relative, a close friend, or maybe your heavenly Father, take a moment to thank God for that hero in your life.
Today, I thank God for my heroes: my younger brother Andre, and our Dad, Chuck. These men are by no means perfect men, but even Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite. They have their weaknesses. It is what they do and have done to raise their families that distinguish them as heroes in my eyes. They are men who seek justice and love mercy. By their living examples, I strive to be a hero for my own children.

Happy Father’s Day, crime fighters. 

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