Proverbs 11:13 (ESV) – Whoever goes about slandering, reveals secrets,
                                    But he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered.
Tasia is dealing with a family issue and confides in Kim. Three hours later, the secret has become common knowledge to everyone they know, unbeknown to Tasia. She can’t understand why all of her girlfriends are suddenly ignoring her texts. In a word: Gossip.
It’s human nature to spread the news, especially when the news is bad. The world loves a scandal. One form of slander is the act of damaging someone’s character by way of the gossip channel. In contrast, the Bible calls for us as Christians to keep certain secrets away from the public eye. True friends know when to keep a secret just between the two of you. True friends know that sometimes the only other person that should be involved in the knowledge of the secret, is God.
Slandering not only damages the victim, it also reveals (to the world) who you really are: untrustworthy. Slander is the devil’s mainline. When we gossip and slander, we’re not only fracturing someone else’s reputation, we fracture our own. Satan’s damaging two souls for the price of one. He or she who is trustworthy (in spirit) keeps a thing covered. 

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