No Better Friend

The King of Pop once sang these song lyrics: “No one understands me”. How unfortunate it is to feel that way. But, the reality is that sometimes, life pitches curve balls we just can’t dodge. Loneliness is a part of humanity, and isolation keeps us from reaching out.

But the Bible teaches us that there is one who understands, personally, any trials we may go through. You see, Jesus came to earth as God in the flesh.  Matthew 4:1-11 teaches us, after fasting for forty days and forty nights, he was tempted by the devil; the very same devil who threatens our peace today. Jesus, being the living word, was able to triumph over the devil’s plans to destroy him.

Because the devil tempted Him in every possible manner, Jesus recognizes the trials of everyday life. Because he was able to defeat the enemy, He can walk you through your pain; pain He also recognizes. The next time you feel alone in your sorrows, remember…He understands you. He knows what you go through. He’s closer than you can imagine, and there is no better friend than Him. He is Jesus.  

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