I Believe Differently

I remember as if it were yesterday; not 364 days ago. Just wrapping up chapter 28, in MATTHEW, the Lord grabbed my attention.

“But concerning that day and hour, no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

Half way through the verse-recital, my eyes shot straight to “Pumpkin”, my 15-year old Mackerel tabby cat. His copper eyes regarded me with a look I’d seen a million times since his birth.

“Did you just…nah. I must be lose-”

“But, you have the privilege of gaining knowledge not yet shared among men.”

His raspy voice matched that of his usual vocal “meow”, essentially ruling out any sort of tom-foolery. From his bedside perch, he simply stared at me.



“I’m must be losing my mind.”

“No, you are not.”

Suddenly, I felt light headed staring into the penetrating eyes of our family pet. I sat on the floor, mainly because I didn’t have any choice. My body was headed there anyway. His orange and white fur seemed to ruffle, as though some unseen breeze flowed around him. But his eyes never left mine.

“How…how are you speaking to me, son?” Yeah, up ‘til that point, I regarded him as one of my sons.

“Who am I?” his voice rasped.

Quickly, I scanned the bedroom for anything that could possibly explain this freak phenomenon: wires; speakers; a hidden camera.

“Who am I,” he asked again, “that you might hear me through this vessel?”

It took more than a second, to connect the dots. But, once they connected, I lost my breath.

“Lord? Is that you, Lord? Are you actually here…in my bedroom?”

“I AM.”

I collapsed. Already seated on the floor, my head did a backward dive and connected with a fluffy silken pillow, no one in my house had ever owned. Laying there, staring at the ceiling, I was terror stricken and paralyzed. Pumpkin’s soft paws padded up my stomach, where he sat on my chest. He looked down on me.

“Do not fear, for I mean you no harm, father of Isaiah, Jordynn, Nathaniel, Dominique, and Tomas. As in the days of the patriarch Noah, I bring a message. On the 628th day’s end, I will come for my church. The blood moons appearances in the sky will remind you of the hour. Make ready your family, but tell no one.”

Pumpkin hissed in my face, then retreated. The moment he left the room, my head connected with the floor. At some point, I must’ve passed out. I dreamed of a world in total chaos, over the instant vanishing of many.

When I came to, I fired up the computer and immediately searched the web for the term, “blood moons”. I learned that the last time four blood moons occurred together, was in 1967, into 1968. This event happened during the time Israel recaptured the city of Jerusalem.

“Its gonna happen again,” I said. “This year. He’s going to do it again, but this time, He’s coming to get everyone.”

From that day forward, I knew what needed to be done.

So, today diary I write to tell you the truth. Maybe someday, someone will find you and read this passage. Maybe they’ll see that God did, in fact, send a warning; a warning that by and large went neglected. To date, we’ve seen two total lunar eclipses, each followed closely by a solar eclipse. The world at large regards the occurrences as nothing more than freak acts of nature, but I believe differently.

I made a decision to diligently train my family in the ways of the Bible; not just educate myself, for my own salvation; to give them a living example of what a God-fearing man should behave like. And to date, I’ve kept your instruction Lord. I haven’t told a soul; not even my wife. Though I must admit, I’ve never looked at Pumpkin quite the same.

May your will be done Lord. I pray, on that day’s end, you take my family with you. To be with you is my heart’s greatest delight. To have them with me, beside you, is even better. I patiently await your return.
E. Smith


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