Tenacious: stubborn, persistent or obstinate.

I wrote a song incorporating lyrics that flow like this:

“But there’s power in the word, ’cause the word’s alive.
 I can’t quit; I can’t faint; I will survive!”

(See that music box to the right? Click on ‘Eight Rounds’ for more. Better yet, buy the whole EP.)

Once upon a time, I was convinced I lacked anything to offer God toward advancing His kingdom. Isn’t that just like the devil to plant wrong thinking into our minds? I mean, I actually believed that I was some sort of exception to the rule. You see friend, we all are given some talents to be used for the glorification of our LORD. 

If you don’t really believe in the whole “God Thing“, then what I just said probably sounds akin to some form of slavery. Okay; I’ll bite. If that’s how you want to look at it, then be my guess. I’m a slave to the one true God. The creator of all things, is my Lord and master. I am a servant of Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God.

Tonight, I claim that fact with a boldness I didn’t always have, and an awareness of the talents given to me for the purpose of spreading the good news of the gospel. It took me quite awhile to latch on to my gifts, and even longer to accept their purpose in my life. I wasn’t given anything to make myself rich and famous. No sir. I was given only what God wanted me to use for His glory.

Now, on the surface, I realize that may sound like a pretty bold (darn near cocky) statement. I submit to you: it is. I know my God. And what’s more, I know who I am in Him. Those two facts together give me a resolve to keep pressing forward in sharing the good news any way I can, unashamedly, unabashedly, unmoved by dropped friends, hard times or setbacks.

I know there are a million people in the world who can pen a tale with more captivating detail than me. I realize my vocal range and control would never land a multimillion dollar deal. I understand that for all my beat making abilities, there are tens of thousands of kids two generations behind me, who can do a better job in less time. I get that my piano playing skills might not move a crowd to tears. But when I put all of my mediocre talents together to glorify the Lord, there’s a party happening in heaven, hallelujah! God’s gonna get His praise and worship from me, no matter how many super producers can out produce my efforts. 

I’ve got tenacity, you see. Stick-to-it-tiveness is in my new blood. Even when nobody’s responding to Facebook or Twitter posts, and no reviews are surfacing for the music, I know God hears and sees my obedience. After all, I’m doing it for Him, not for the world’s attention. He’s done so much for me, the least I can do is serve Him with the gifts He’s given me. 

So here’s the thing: don’t walk around with the attitude, “I don’t have anything to give, so why bother?” We all have something to give back to the one who breathed life into us. When you find your niche, don’t give up on it. Keep going, even when the world around you remains silent to your efforts. Remember that God sees your obedience, and your treasures are being stored up in heaven.  

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