Movies paint a picture of ultimate heroes charging death head on, with no fear. You grow up watching enough of those types of films, and you actually start to believe them; rather, you begin to believe their implied definition of bravery. Real life, however, is much different. Let me tell you what real bravery looks like.

Bravery: Its the little guy on the basketball court who knows the final play of the game comes down to his quick speed enabling him to evade every defender taller than him. His heart beats a mile a minute but, somehow, he knows he’s gonna make the game winning layup.

Bravery: Its the woman who tells her male pig-of-a-boss, “Keep your hands off me,” even though she has the fear that speaking out may cost her the very job she’s worked so hard to obtain.

Bravery: Its the pipsqueak who decides today is the day, he’ll stand up for his lunch money. His palms are sweaty, but he swings with a lightning speed he never knew his fists housed.

Bravery: The Christian who decides to defend Jesus, despite the raunchy, disrespectful, off-color humor of his long time pals. The threat of losing friendships is real, and terrifying. But not standing up for his beliefs is far worse.

Bravery: Its the alcoholic who finally says, “Enough’s enough. I can’t do this on my own. I need help.”

Bravery: Is the devoted wife and loving mother who finally decides to pack up the kids and leave her abusive husband, to start a new life for her family, without him.

Bravery: Is the young girl who tells her selfish boyfriend, “I’m not ready for sex,” despite his guilt-trip pleas for love.

Bravery: Standing alone in your decision, when everyone around tries to convince you of your impending failure. Yes, its a scary situation, and you might fall. But what if you don’t fail, and actually succeed?

True bravery says, “Yes, I’m afraid; I’m even terrified. But…I’m going to do what’s right, despite my fear.”

Be brave

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