God’s Not Dead


Good morning friends. It’s 9:13AM, here in Lincoln Park, Michigan. The wife and kids are downstairs dressing and priming for church. Since my head is bald, I don’t have to worry about hair. I’m dressed and ready to go worship in the Lord’s house today. So, I’ve got a few moments to share some news with you. Here it is.

God’s not dead.

Today, we have a lot of tragic and terrifying events occurring around our world. New reports say the radical Muslim group ISIS is over there, in the middle east, beheading Christians, as a form of intimidation. The Israel-Hamas conflict seems to have no end in sight. Russia and the United States are headed back to a relationship that was supposed to be resolved after the cold war of the 80’s. Closer to home, I recently saw a Facebook feed of a guy actually gunning down his partner, during a rap video shoot.

My kids and I watched a few episodes of a showed called, “Last Chance High School” yesterday via YouTube. Kids with behavioral problems attend this school in Chicago, when they can’t remain in the public system, due to their unique and troubled personalities. It amazed me to see so many angry, and troubled kids, between the ages of 8 and 16, scarred for life by the absence of a parent in their young lives.

At face value, it would seem we’re in trouble down here. But, I take comfort in the fact that the events transpiring throughout our world today, were actually written about in God’s word. Now, I know there may be some of you who won’t believe in that. But, you can’t argue with truth. God’s word said that things would get a whole lot worse before He intervened on a global scale. The devil will have his day, so to speak. But, the word promises that God will take care of His own when all is said and done; in His timeframe, not ours.

Once upon a time, I thought bible conversation was pure fantasy mixed with the sooth talk. Once I really started to dig into it, I began to think that God was some maniacal, egotistical deity with a “GOD” complex. Who would actually want to follow someone who allowed murder, rape, and incest to happen? But then, I looked deeper into the word, and found out who God really is. He does care about what happens to us, down here. And, it saddens Him to see how free will corrupts our thinking. As I continued to seriously read through the bible, God revealed more and more of Himself to me. Self righteous folks like to think of the bible as, outdated brainwashing believed by the weak minded. No. It takes a real man or woman to believe in the truth of the word.

God’s not dead. He sees our struggles. He personally gets involved in the lives of ordinary people, every day. For all the bad happening around the world, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are just as busy working miracles as well. And believe me when I say, the day will come when every knee will bow at the return of the One true king.

Take heart, dear friends. If you’re Christian, don’t let the madness of our fallen world discourage you. Remember: He knew this was coming. If you’re not Christian, but you trust my word on it, then be encouraged at the fact that one day, anyone who has ever done anything blatantly rotten will have it coming back to them. Yeah, that might not be warm and fuzzy, but our God is faithful and just. He’s alive and well.

He’s not dead.

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