The “ABC”s of the Simple Life of an Everday Writer


This really is not an original idea. Why try and reinvent the wheel, when what you have is perfectly fine? The premise is simply enough: one takes every letter of the alphabet and writes a word starting with that letter. Then, one creates a post incorporating every letter written down. So then, let’s get started.

A Atlanta N Nobody
B Batting O Opposites
C Chiseled P Punish
D Dangerous Q Questions
E Exceptional R Right
F Future S Smith
G Games T Tales
H Home U Universe
I Instant V Vegetables
J Jersey W Wrong
K Kill X Xylophone
L Liar Y Yesterday
M Milk Z Zoo

So…my list is made up of some pretty basic words; nothing too fancy-shmancy. After all, I’m just a simple guy who never graduated from college. Now, allow me to tell you a short story of my life.

When I was a youngster, the world was my playground and imagination was my permanent home. Though I was a shy introvert, I harbored exceptional dreams for my future; dreams of success beyond measure. While I had no idea of how my plans would someday come to fruition, I didn’t bother to indulge in any questions that might kill the spirit of triumph within me.  When you’re young, anything is possible and the universe is obtainable.

“Someday, I’ll find myself signing books in New Jersey, Atlanta, San Diego, and Tampa Bay,” I used to think. Nobody could convince me otherwise. I was so sure that writing would take me places I’d never seen before. People would pay top dollar for my tales, and I would enjoy the benefits of a life spent earning a living doing what I loved.

That was my yesterday. Yeah…once upon a time, I could drink whole milk and eat vegetables without worrying about the consequences on my digestive system, too.  My today is much different. Unfortunately in the writing game, I am not batting 1000; not even close. Success as a writer has continued to elude me, giving room for doubt to set in, where exuberant confidence once took up residence in my heart.
“Man, whoever told you it would be easy is a liar,” I tell myself a lot these days. “That dreaming stuff is dangerous. Maybe we ought to focus on the realities of everyday life, Mr. Smith. No more daydreaming of instant success.”

Sometimes I think God has given Satan the green light to punish me with childish dreams that I can’t seem to turn off. That big dreaming kid I used to be and the cautious older man I am now are total opposites, but linked by the same hard headed dream.  Whether it’s right or wrong for my future, I can’t shake the fact that I’m supposed to write.

So I’ve come to accept the idea that maybe I will not become a successful writer, by the standards of the world. Hey, I accept the fact that I will never decide to learn how to play the xylophone, or take up bodybuilding to work on chiseled abs either. But, I think I can be happy by just writing for the Lord and affecting change in the lives of people around the world. If my writing can get them to at least think about Jesus and the after-life, then I can live with that.

Who’s got time for all the petty games associated with success anyway? Not this guy. I’ve seen the world of the rich and famous, up close. It’s a zoo! Most of those folks are so busy grinding, scheming and eating each other (figuratively speaking of course) for money, that peace is simply not an option. I think I’d rather be poor and content with my work for the Lord through the gift he’s given me, than to be filthy rich and miserable every day.

One thought on “The “ABC”s of the Simple Life of an Everday Writer

  1. We can definitely still dream for the success we want! I guess we just have to know that it’s not going to be instant. It’s going to be a lot of hard work and years of building things up. Good luck with your writing!


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