Sleep Deprivation


Hi. It’s late here in Michigan, but I’m in my writer’s closet. Sleep’s just gonna have to wait. So, I drew two interesting story topics from a pot tonight: “An Insomniac” and “What was that sound?” I’m supposed to combine these two into a fiction tale between 100 and 300 words. So here’s what I just came up with. I call it,

Sleep Deprivation

Bill glanced up at the black and white face of the time-checker. The big stick was pointing up, while the little stick dangled down toward the direction Teddy called ‘right’. Teddy noticed his companion staring and sashayed over.

“Just after 4AM,” Teddy purred.

“What is he still doing up?” Bill growled.

“I don’t know. He drank the entire bottle of sleep-aid, but it didn’t have any effect on him.”

A sudden crash made the duo jerk with a start. Bill yelped and Teddy cringed.

Caleb stood twitching, as he picked random shards of broken glass from the kitchen sink. Bill saw his black and white checkered pajamas fluttered against his increased heart rate.

“He’s in bad shape, dog,” Teddy purred. “I think that stuff’s got him wired. It’s bad enough he hasn’t slept in two days.”

“Yeah, maybe he just needs a good scratch.” Bill whimpered.

“A good-what are you talking about?” Teddy purred. His hazel eyes narrowed at Bill.

“He’s got a bad case of fleas!” Bill howled.

The duo rolled around the kitchen floor; a strange sight if ever there was one.

Caleb froze; glass shards from the broken ice-cappuccino jar still in hand. He shot a look at his dog and cat rolling around the kitchen floor as if racked by uncontrollable laughter.

“What the heck was that sound,” Caleb whispered. “Hey! You two can’t speak, so who’s laughing in here?”

“Check the cat,” Bill said. “I’d never laugh at you.”

Caleb shrieked until he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

“Nice going, dog,” Teddy said. “You just killed our human.”

“At least he’s not twitching anymore.”

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