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For a long time, I’ve suppressed my musical artistic side. There are so many wonderfully talent young people out there in the world, I figured people would simply view me as an old man trying to recapture some sense of youth by getting involved in music at such an age. But, I had to take a serious look at my motives for pursuing music as a hobby. Why, after years of secretly tapping away at piano keys and drumming out beats, would I actually want to get involved in a culture oversaturated with talent?

I’ve always loved music. I just never had the gall to go after it. On top of my lack of heart, I didn’t have a purpose to drive me toward it. Once the Lord moved into my heart, he gave me purpose. The more I learn about Jesus and follow His lead, the more I want to use ALL of my talents to glorify Him.

Today, I set up a Facebook Artist page dedicated solely to the promotion of my music. If I can get people into the door, maybe they will stick around to hear me share the word of the gospel. If my instrumentals will get them clicking “likes” and listens, then maybe I can expose them to the lyrics I write, preaching the goodness of God and his grace.

Most people know of my writing talent, but few are aware of the music within my soul. It’s time I introduce that side of me to the world.

Come visit me @:

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