Walk In Integrity


Do you know what the word Integrity means? Webster defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and fair.” In our world, this definition can be skewed based on what one person sees as honest or fair versus another person’s opinion. One man may say, “It’s okay to cheat just a little bit. You’re still being honest because you have a good personality. After all, you gotta get yours!” But, someone else may say, “Man, I get all I can get, as long as no one knows. What does is it matter? I’m still a good person.” Sadly, even some Christians carry on this way of thinking.

God had a totally different idea of what integrity should mean. There is no room for compromise—not even a little cheating—in God’s definition. Proverbs 10:9 (ESV) says, “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” In other words, the guy who cheats, even a little bit, will be busted. It may not be today, or tomorrow, or next week, or next month, but he will be found out! The Lord doesn’t tolerate dishonesty among his children.

It can be hard to follow God’s word when everyone around you, not following the bible, seems to be doing better than you. But, I want you to remember something: you’re storing up treasures in heaven by walking in integrity. God will always provide for your needs. You just continue to walk with him, and don’t be swayed by the influences of the world around you, young Christian.


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