Celebrate The Small Victories


So…here I am. It’s 11:20p.m. and I should have been asleep at least an hour ago. I do need to get up in the morning to work my regular day job, after all. I can’t sleep, because tonight reality finally smacked me across the face. Although the world might not recognize it yet, I’ve officially been granted the title “Published Christian Author”. I’m not talking about a general title for a single blog post, or a few contributing lines to someone else’s project. No friends, God finally granted one of my heart’s deepest desires, by guiding me through the simultaneously tedious and exciting process of starting and completing a book.

Paraclete’s Promise: The Fantastic Fantasies of Timothy” is the realization of a dream come true. You see, I originally wrote the story over ten years ago, long before I surrendered to Jesus. In truth, my writing skill was horrible, my story-telling technique was flimsy and my grammar skills were downright deplorable. But, that didn’t stop me from throwing the story out to publishers. I received so many rejection notices, that  I actually tried to toss the manuscript out. But something kept me from destroying the master file and first print (I actually took a copy to Staples and had them bind it for me). Of course today I recognize that “something” as God’s providence. He knew what he was planning to do in my life all along.

God set this whole thing up from the very beginning. He knew I’d surrender my life to him someday. He knew I’d promise to use my writing talent to serve him. He led me to the wonderful community of Christian writers – Faithwriters. He used them to hone my writing skills through challenges, small contests, positive feedback and amazing relationships with the community’s owners-Mike and Bea Edwards. He knew I’d someday be ready for a real contest with impossible rewards at stake.

Our god is so awesome, he not only gave me an incredible writing victory, he opened a door that I never imagine being able to walk through. God took pieces of nothing and sewed together an opportunity that I could never deserve, especially when there are so many talented and well deserving writers out there. And when the time was right, he made it perfectly clear to me, that I needed to rewrite my original story formally titled, “T.J. And The Magic Box” and change it into a tale that would glorify him throughout its entirety.

For almost six months, I’ve been so focused on seeing the project completed, that I never stopped to consider all the miraculous lanes God opened up for a clear drive toward the goal. I kept working at the project and waiting for the bottom to drop out; waiting for a loophole to open up and swallow my dream; doubting God’s Sovereignty. But in reality…tonight’s reality…I see that he’s bringing his plan together.

To date, I haven’t spent a single dime toward the publication of my book. That’s a miracle all by itself! The contest prize of publication, the fine staff at Xulon Press, the patience and support of my family, the prayers coming out of my church congregation, the subtle inspirations that seemingly appeared out of thin air. All of it was orchestrated by God. I see that tonight. I don’t know what he has planned for the future of this published book, but I trust in him and give exaltation, honor and praise where it is due. God gets all the credit. I simply obeyed his commands and did what he told me to do.

Friends, I celebrate every small victory that led up to tonight. I celebrate God’s guidance in those victories. If you have a dream, don’t ever give up on it. God can pull a miracle from nothing at all. I may not know where he’s taking the next leg of my journey to, but I’m excited to see where I land.

I want you all to enjoy the story God’s put in my heart to write. Check the  link above for the opening chapters. If you like what you see, the book can be purchased on Xulon.com, Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com and Apple.com.


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