Shift Low and Drive


I’m an inner city boy at heart. I know nothing of hill country and treacherous terrain. The streets of Detroit are relatively level albeit the frequent pothole navigation. So, I never had the opportunity to effectively use “3,2, 1” in my cars. Heck, I never knew what those gears were even used for, until I spent time in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I learned to utilize my low gear when maneuvering and negotiating hills.

The Christian walk can mimic the driving experience. Sometimes God wants us to park it, right where we are. He’s got something important to teach us. Sometimes, we’ve gotta throw it in reverse to revisit a lesson or an experience because we failed to get the message the first go ’round. Other times he wants us to just drive, man! Just go with the flow of the Holy Spirit, because he’s jammin’! It may be 1st gear, 3rd, or even 6th depending on your heart’s receptiveness to his will.

One thing is certain: The road to Christ is never an easy route. God likes to mix it up a bit; throw in a few twists & turns, here and there; test your mettle to see what you’re made of. Sooner or later, everyone comes face to face with a hill. You know what the hill looks like, right? It’s that challenge to your faith. You can’t see beyond the crest and it seems as if God’s left you stranded. You’ve got nothing to rely on, except your belief. That, my friend, is the hill.

“How am I supposed to get over that, when God’s not listening to me?”

The answer’s really quite simple in theory, yet hard to apply:

“Shift low and drive, baby!”

When you shift your automatic past “D”, right by “2” and into “1” you’ve got to trust your engine. You’ve got to have faith in your Jeep’s ability to scale that steep gravelly incline without burning up the drivetrain. You’ve got to believe in the powerhouse’s ability to blindly climb that hill, because that’s what it was built for. That’s why you bought the SUV in the first place! It’s slow and steady, but will conquer that hill.

When you shift your faith past the messages, right by the worship music and into that place of action, you’ve got to trust your God. You’ve got to have faith in your Lord’s ability to scale that circumstance without burning down your life. You gotta believe in the living word’s ability to catapult you over that impossible hill of a circumstance, because that’s what you were built for! That’s why you bought into the Christian faith in the first place! It’s slow and steady, but will conquer that hill.

When the hills come–and they will–we need to press into the Lord. We need to dig in deep, diligently seek him and immerse in the promises of the living word. Don’t let your emotions dictate your actions. Press into the Lord and drive over that hill!

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