The Story Thus Far


It’s definitely worth the read. Be encouraged friends!

Destiny's Journey

Paraclete’s Promise – Book Trailer

Chapters 1&2

Chapter 3

So, my book has been published on digital outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple for a little over four months now. It’s funny how our minds instinctively yet erroneously decide how our future will progress. I once heard a Christian joke that went something like this: if you wanna hear God laugh, just tell him your plans for your life. Funny.

A respected published author told me,”Don’t expect to get rich off of a single book. The fact is, most people don’t even earn back their initial investment.” I thought that statement was a bit morbid for my taste, and promptly decided to be the exception to that particular rule. But I gotta tell ya friends, this book business is a lot harder to crack than it seems. I’m learning more each day about the fine-line art of…

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