Fighting Nightmares


The full armor of God.

Destiny's Journey

“I’m strolling up a golden tiled isle, heading for the checkout,” Kenny said hazily. “My shopping cart is completely gold-plated; everything from the wheels to the push bar.”
Mary’s hand stroked slowly up and down her husband’s back.  She was dumbfounded listening to Kenny recall the vision.  Although his body sat rigidly upright in the leather recliner, his unconscious head dangled and bobbed against his broad chest, with each spoken phrase.  As words slipped through his snoozing lips, Mary’s flesh chilled over.  The imagery seemed so real.
Doctor Roberts sat before Kenny, listening intently to the recount.  The slow, monotonous tick of a metronome on the side table filled the little room, as Kenny paused.
“What do you see inside the shopping cart, Kenny?” Doctor Roberts asked.
“I see…white armor; miscellaneous pieces of plated steel armor.  It’s all so beautiful.  I’m rummaging through it now.”
Kenny’s left arm lazily began…

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