Just Checking In



How’s it going tonight, wordsmith? How’s the writing coming along? You are still working at it aren’t you?

Now hold on a second. I just saw that shift in your countenance. I’m not gonna sit here at this computer and listen to you make excuses for why you’ve decided to put your writing on hold for awhile. What happened to the passion of last week? Where’s the creativity?

Oh, I see. You’re one of those writers. You know; the, “I’m waiting for inspiration” type. Well…let me let you in on a little secret. If the greats wrote only when inspired, they would have never made their mark in the literary world. Don’t believe me? Write a letter to Stephen King and ask him. You may be surprised at what comes back. I’ll give you another example, closer to home. I don’t even feel like writing right now! It’s true! But, I’m writing to you to find out how your project is coming along because I don’t want to see you fail. At the end of the day, we writers really have to stick together and support one another.

Recently, my assigned marketing representative, at Xulon Press, told me, “People love to interact with people. The best thing you can do to promote your book is to get out there and show your face.” You know, I believe that’s true in our writing as well. People love to read good writing, even when it’s not so good. The key is to get your voice out there. Let the people know who you are, and what you care about. Hey, you may not get many comments, but you’re honing your skills.

Sometimes, I find that writing when I’m not in the mood to do so actually produces the type of stuff people really want to read. It’s real life. I’m just a guy working pay check-to-pay check, just like 90% of the unknown writers in the world. I’m just like you. But, I refuse to give up on this dream no matter how old I grow. I’m gonna ride this dream until the wheels fall off, or until it explodes and changes my life forever. I’m hoping and praying for the latter.

So check in, friend. Pick up your pencil; tap those keys; let your thumbs walk the touchscreen. Write! Tell me how your project is coming along. I’m rooting for you, so don’t give up!

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