Random Thoughts on Clouds


I read through this and decided I don’t want another bike.

Destiny's Journey

I’ve never understood people’s fascination with clouds. In clear blue skies, they’re billowy-white. On rainy days, they blend in with the gray slate of the sky. It sucks that the last thing I’m going to see on this earth is a frickin’ puffy cloud shaped like a duck, floating directly overhead.

Where are the cops when you need them? On T.V., a guy gets T-boned in the middle of an intersection and 50 people rush to his aid. So why am I laying here, broken and bleeding, numb from the neck down, and no one’s standing over me? 

Did anybody catch the number of that truck? 

Did I turn off the coffee pot this morning?

Man, I’m glad I took a shower before getting on the bike. I’d hate to meet God smelling like a sewer-rat. 

God. I’m not ready yet. This isn’t how it’s supposed to end for me…

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