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Remain faithful. Even when you can’t see the outcome, trust in the Lord’s guidance.

Destiny's Journey

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Jarion heard the two-word phrase ring in his mind all morning and all afternoon. By six in the evening, the recurring thought began to annoy him. He knew the Lord well enough to know when Jesus was trying to get his attention, so he conceded. Jarion set his dinner plate on the table top, snatched the remote control, and turned off the television.

“Fine. You win Lord. You know what kind of day I’ve had, but apparently you want me to do something for you. Let’s get this over with.”

Jarion sat back into the deep pillows of his leather couch and lifted his head toward the ceiling. He closed his eyes, inhaled slow deliberate breaths and relaxed. He breathed and waited.


Anastasia’s english dialect was well enough to get by on. She’d learned a handful of useful words and phrases during her year-long visit to the States, and always kept close…

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