Keep On Keepin’ On

"Dear Ennis,
Thank you so much for your submission. Unfortunately I don't feel I'm the appropriate agent to represent your work as the story just isn't right for me.
I'm sure another agent will feel differently, and with the vast array of opinions in the industry, I wish you the best in finding the right representation.
Thanks again for thinking of me.
All best,
Rejection number 28. Here’s another…
"Mr. Smith,
Thank you for giving The **** Agency the opportunity to review this project. Unfortunately it is not right for us at this time. Please understand that our opinion is but one and another agent may feel differently.
Danielle ****
Literary Assistant
The **** Agency"

Yeah, so far you all feel the same. That was rejection number 29. How about this one…

"Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, I don't feel I'm the right agent for your work but I wish you success in all your publishing endeavors.
Ginger ****
Executive Vice President"

That was rejection number 30. Out of a total list of 62 queried literary agencies between the months of September through December, I have received 30 rejections on my book. Why share these failures? Why draw attention to what might be viewed as evidence of a dream that should be laid to pasture? Why not just quit and focus on something else?

Because quitting is exactly what the enemy expects me to do.

I read a true testimony of a cop who wrote a book and queried 90 literary agents, before someone believed in his story. 90 agents. 91 was the magic number.

Famed director Spike Lee won a student Academy Award for one of his very first films, while attending film school. He figured Hollywood was poised to come knocking on his door. But once he figured out no one in the industry cared about his local award, he put his nose to the grindstone and hustled his craft. This year, he received an honorary Oscar.

Stephen King worked odd jobs doing everything from teaching to dry cleaning. And then one day, his agent called to inform him that “Carrie” had just sold for $400,000 dollars.

I am a writer. I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says, because I’m here to tell you that I’m a darned good writer. The rest of the world is simply going to have to catch up with what I already know to be true. So, while the rejection letters keep on coming in, I will stand firm in my belief and passionate about my craft.

You should too. Whatever it is that you do passionately, do not allow the world to take it away from you. Stand firm and keep pressing on. It won’t be long before the world figures out what you already know to be true: when it comes to your craft, you’re a bad muthaf*****!

Keep on keepin’ on.

Looks like I just received rejection number 31.

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