Spider On The Wall


I must have sat in my chair, watching this spider traverse the wall for about five minutes, before I got up and crossed the room. The moment I got close…it stopped moving. I imagined its tiny mind reasoning something like,

“Okay. I’m totally invisible. He doesn’t see me. He won’t see me, as long as I stay right here.”

So we were at a stalemate. I stood there staring at the spider and found myself admiring its unwavering determination to fake me out. Unmoving. Not a single leg trembled.

“You’re good,” I said. “But I still see you.”

I got to thinking…don’t we handle our problems in the same manner, sometimes? Think about it, for a moment. Have you ever been confronted with a situation and instead of facing it head on–dealing with it–you freeze. You don’t do anything.

“If I don’t move, maybe it’ll go away. It can’t see me.”

How foolish isĀ that logic?!

I splatteredĀ that spider with my Nike. Then I decided to never again hide from my problems. They don’t just disappear after all.


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