Light the Fire, Babe


Destiny's Journey

One day, Panic and Mayhem decided to take the day off. Hey, even the chaos-couple need time to recharge their batteries, every once in awhile. After carefully searching for the perfect picnic location, the duo finally settled on a secluded and manicured lawn that just so happened to belong to a church.
“Are we really gonna do our barbeque/cookout right here, P? I thought we were vacationing today?” Mayhem scanned the area, grimacing at the pristine pine shrubs, and the delicately blooming geraniums. “Humph,” she touted, “I don’t want to be here surrounded by all this…this…order, and…yuck…beautification.”
“C’mon May,” Panic said, “Have I ever let you down, babe? Just you wait. Once we get the fire stoked, I believe we’re gonna have one heck of a celebration going on here.”
No sooner had the words been spoken, did luck roll a pair of sevens. Panic and Mayhem glanced…

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