Which One Are You?


Last night, my family returned home from mid-week church services around around 9PM. My 10 year old, Isaiah, made a bee line straight up the steps toward the computer room.

“Zeek,” I said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m writing something.” He replied.

At first, I figured he waited until the absolute last minute to finish his homework, and didn’t want to own up to it. I pressed him again.

“Zeek, what’re you doing?”

“I’m writing something, I told you. I have to do it now.”

“Okay,” I said. I’ll let it ride and we can have a discussion about late homework tomorrow. About 20 minutes passed, when he came down stairs and proudly handed his Mom a sheet of paper.

“Read it.” He told her.

After she read and laid it on the table, I picked up the sheet. The writer in me had already resolved to critique the little page for grammatical errors, and to go easy on him. As I read, yeah…there were a few 10 year-old errors to be found. But what I found most intriguing, was the depth of the little story that ended with an honest question. It hit me right there, as I put down my Mitch Albom novel.

“My son’s a writer.”

This is his little story:

One day, as I was coming home from church, it was raining; but it wasn’t like any rain I’d ever seen before. It was strange, because I noticed the rain behaving in three different ways:

  1. Part of the rain was rising up.
  2. Part of the rain was moving sideways.
  3. Part of the rain wasn’t moving at all. It just stood still, frozen in space.

Besides the strange rain, I also saw a mirror standing up by itself, in the rain. You want to know what I think this meant? Well, I’ll tell you. I think the part of the rain that was rising up represents the people who will go to heaven. I think the part of the rain moving sideways represent the people who are trying to make it to heaven, but the devil keeps pulling them down. I think the part of the rain standing still represents the people who won’t make it to heaven. I think the mirror is God, showing us who we really are.

Now I have a very good question for you. Which one of these (out of the three types of rain) are you?

By: Isaiah Smith

3 thoughts on “Which One Are You?

  1. Ennis, I have three sons and a daughter. My oldest is 22, my youngest is 10. There is almost no joy that can compare with seeing your children interact with the world around them through the lens of faith! Rejoicing with you about the insight of your son! Thanks for sharing!


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