What’s Your Motivation?


Every few years, I find a new song (or playlist of songs) to usher my mind into the Wordsmith’s Closet; that secret place every writer enters when it’s time to get serious. For me, silence is not always golden, you see. I need music to help my mind concentrate just enough to relax and allow words to form written photos and sentences to form scenes.

Years ago, when I began writing, “Cannon in D” and “Fantasia on Greensleeves” were my tried and true tracks, often played on heavy rotation repeat while I churned paragraphs to pages. Over the years, I’ve taken to listening to Enya’s “Aniron“, Daft Punk’s “Solar Sailer” and Bobby McFerrin’s “Brief Eternity” to make the surrounding walls fall away and open the air into blank creativity, where the scenery is a mingle of the music and my imagination. Music moves me. People often ask, “How do you write some of your scenes?” It’s the music that motivates me.

2017 is here writers. Time to get serious. What motivates you? If you haven’t been motivated yet, what are you waiting for?

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