Missing Words


“Aey, hey guy! Where on earth have you been? Everyone’s been asking what happened to you!”

“Aw, you know; life. Sometimes you grab hold of something new and before you know it, the luster of the ‘newness’ morphs the thing into a distraction from your true love.”

“Uh…okay. I mean…everyone needs a break every now and again. But man, you dropped off the face of the planet for a minute there. Did you go on a nice vacation anywhere?”


“Alright. Maybe you were tied down by work. That gets a lot of people sidetracked.”

“Work’s been busy, but no.”

“Hmm. Okay, kid’s extra-curricular activities kicked in. Spring is upon us. That’s gotta be it, eh?”

“Uh, no.”

“Zumba Classes?”

“What? No! Is that still a thing today?”




“Are you serious?”



“Dude! I don’t understand, and you’re not giving us anything! What keeps you away  for so long? What ‘new thing‘ could possibly keep you away from us?”


“C’mon, c’mon! What is it?”

“It’s…it’s nothing really. Nothing I can’t handle. I could quit any time I wanted.”

“Spit it out, man! We’re dying to get back into the swing of things. You’ve got to let us into the loop! What’s got you all bound up?”


“Is he seriously going to ignore us? I’ve got some wonderful seasonal ideas.

“Maybe he’s afraid of us.”

“No, I’m not afraid.”

“Maybe he’s f%^@in’ p!$$ed off at one of us!”

“Not angry either,”

“Maybe we don’t make him happy anymore…”

“You’re still fine by me, gray. Okay guys, you really want to know where I’ve been?”



“F%$# YES!”


“By all means, tell us.”

“Video Games.”

angry emoji

{ The moral of this little story is simple: don’t let distractions take you away from the joys of writing. “Titanfall 2” temporarily pulled me away from my passion. If you don’t use it, you may lose it. }






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