Only In Michigan


It’s May! Woo HOO! Historically, this is the time of year when April showers give rise to May flowers, in all their brilliant varieties. Tulips offer my favorite color schemes. I remember moving into my parents’ home on 12th Street, when I was about 4 years old. The family who’d owned the house before us planted tulips in the from yard planter box. Every year, in May, those bright-colored flowers would spring up. It was always a sign of new beginnings and warm Spring days to come.

So how come I’m still wearing my thermal underwear in 2017?! Why did I see actual snow flakes in the rainstorm that attacked my job-site trailer, this past Monday?! Why in the world am I still confused on whether to pack my winter jacket in the morning, or take a chance on the local weather man guessing wrong…again?! Why am I still in Michigan! This is the only state in the union where one can leave the house wearing a goose-downed coat at 7:00am, and return at 5:00pm wearing shorts, a tank-top and sneakers!

I think that’s it. Nothing spiritual about this rant. I needed to vent for a moment, simply because I started the day battling early-morning frost, ended up stripping two coats and wiping sweat from my brow this afternoon. I’ve got family in Daytona Beach, Florida. Perhaps it’s time to consider a Southern Exodus…

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