Hello November


Ah, my friend. It’s always nice to see you come around. I love your decorative tastes. The way you blend oranges and yellows together in perfect concert with a clear blue-sky backdrop, make any scenery picturesque. I love the lingering aroma of a wood stove burning logs.  Fall foods like Hot dutch-apple pie and cider; cinnamon doughnuts and milk; roasted juicy turkey breast and cranberry sauce are my favorites, while we celebrate your time.

There is beauty in the death of seasonal leaves. The crunch under foot is your trademark sound. If I were blind and without the sense of smell, the resonating sound of thousands of trampled leaves would still alert me to your presence. That and your breath. Crisp mornings of  heavy dew covered fields and frosted windshields bring out the warmth of downed coats, light scarves, maybe thin gloves.

Late sunrises and early sunsets show a beauty unmatched by any other month of any given year. Squirrels work frantically in droves to stock up before winter’s arrival. Robins are long gone. Field mice scurry with a sense of urgency. They know your time is short.

Swimming pools are closed for the season. Motorcycles are winterized. Short shorts and tank tops are only reserved for the occasional visit to the gym. Barbecues grills are cleaned and stored. Patio furniture is covered. The seasons yield to you; it is your time to shine.


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