To Arm, Or Not To Arm


Family, I have a question and could really use some feedback from my reading folks. Feel free to lend me your thoughts and opinions. I’m particularly interested in hearing what the Christian community has to say about the subject, but I invite all to chime in.

I’m leaning toward buying a compact pistol and applying for a conceal carry permit. As a child, I grew up with a gun in my home. There’s no dramatic reasoning behind the decision: I wasn’t threatened and I haven’t been robbed…recently.

I was twelve years old when my younger brother and I walked in on our home being robbed. One of the thieves actually took the time to wink at me, as he strolled through the front door carrying my mother’s jewelry box. I can remember how angry and powerless I felt. There was no fear; just rage. It hurts to have something that belongs to you taken away. My father went out that week and purchased a Glock 17. We were never robbed again.

As I grow older and continue to watch the state of the world, I don’t ever want my family to have to experience that violation of having something taken away by force. I’m responsible enough to treat a gun as the deadly force weapon it actually is, and not mistake it for a toy.

Family, I have to be honest: the thought of having to actually take another man’s life is appalling. With that said, I can’t imagine taking a late evening stroll in my favorite park alongside my wife, only to have a stranger attack us from behind, rob us both and shoot my wife to death. I would give my life for her–and any of our children–but would rather put down the attacker first.

I’ve chosen a small 9mm semi-automatic, 8-round hammer pistol as my first weapon. A 16-round double-stack weapon seems a bit too…90s action movie cliche for my wants. I’m talking personal and home defense; not Swiss cheese, mid-day shootout capable. I decided, if I’m going to buy a gun, I might as well go after a conceal carry. Plus, if I can be honest, I look forward to being able to go to a gun range for target shooting. Definitely NOT a toy, but I will want to learn how to proficiently use my weapon.

So, before I put this plan into motion, I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. Share your comments, family.

3 thoughts on “To Arm, Or Not To Arm

  1. Dave

    Ennis. I was raised in a home with no guns at all – no water pistols, no toy guns, no real guns, because my Dad was in the army and realized he was being trained to kill human beings. I did shoot target practice at Scouts, and I completely understand how much fun competition shooting is. I can even appreciate why hunting could be fun. But, I firmly believe that most criminals are out to get stuff, and the odds of someone being wounded or killed INCREASE when the criminal feels threatened or doesn’t get what he or she wants. I am always prepared to give up anything of value in my wallet or house. Yes, there are some who are intent on rape or abuse, but I doubt that would happen if you were present with your family member. My point is, I do not want a gun in my house – the risk of someone accidentally getting hurt, or a criminal shooting me or my family when I bring my gun out (when I could just let them take whatever objects they want) – well, it’s not worth it. Besides, I could not live with myself if I killed someone – nit even in self defense.


    • Those are really great points, Dave. Thank you for chiming in. I do like the idea of target shooting with hand guns, so this does add a “pro” in my decision weighing. But like you, I do not want to be faced with the choice to HAVE to shoot another person. At the same time, I want to be able to protect what’s most precious to me: my family. Thanks again for weighing in Dave. I truly appreciate it.


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