Yep, I’m A Cat-Dad


I grew up a dog-lover. Dog’s are simple. You love them, and they love you back unconditionally. Some dogs learn tricks, while others are content to pee on the living-room carpet no matter how much time you spend trying to train them. Dogs are loyal to a fault. Once they love you, they love YOU. Everyone else, they just sort of tolerate. Dogs are natural defenders…most of them anyway. I can’t really speak for Chihuaua’s. Dogs understand simple commands such as, “No”, “Stay”, Come ‘ere” and “Stop”. Dogs will sit and wait for you to feed them. And no matter how your day away from home was, your dog always seems to make you feel like the most important person in the world, when you come home.

A cat, on the other hand, is a totally different animal–literally. Cats are temperamental. One minute they want all the love and affection you have to offer and in the next minute, they’re attacking with their teeth and claws. Cats are territorial with everything that doesn’t belong to them. They have no problem with wiping their spit across your laptop screen, placing paw prints all over the giant flat-screen TV, opening the cabinets and cupboards, rummaging through your boxes, and anything else they feel like getting into. Which leads to my next point: they’re not very bright but have lots of attitude. You can tell a cat “No”, and he’s gonna do whatever the heck he wants to do anyway, just to show you who’s really boss. A cat will walk right up to your sandwich and try to take it from you, as if she’s got every right to have it. Cat’s are conditionally affectionate. She hops in your lap, turns on the motor and starts begging for attention. Chances are, her water-bowl is empty. Or, you walk in the door and he starts speaking and figure-eighting through your legs. He’s not really happy to see you. He wants a cat treat, and he’s yelling at you for making him wait so late. How about this? It’s 2:30am. Why in the world is a marathon happening on the hardwood floors downstairs?! Oh! Because those two felines spent the whole day asleep in my chair, that’s why!

Somehow–I’m not quite sure when it happened–I slowly became a cat-dad. Despite their attitudes and general lack of loyalty, they grew on me, and family now includes them. Atticus–that’s gray boy up there–is a true Momma’s boy. Since birth, that kid follows Misty everywhere she goes. He’s genuinely curious of everything and will probably meet an accidental death, because he has to stick his nose into everything. He loves to eat, and tends to think he’s the alpha male by claiming my side of the bed when I’m not around.

Ekko is his sneaky yet timid twin sister. She likes her butt rubbed just above the tail; that’s not weird. She jumps at every sound, and is cautious of every closet door that appears cracked-open. She loves the computer-chair and tends to get into a mood if someone forces her out of it. As you can see from the opening picture, she was staging a protest against me claiming the chair to do homework yesterday. Such a brat.

These two have become my babies. Although they each have unique personalities, they’re an intricate part of my family. I miss not having a dog around, but the two of them keep life pretty interesting without a canine. They’re not built to learn like dogs but that doesn’t mean they’re not as intelligent. They definitely have more attitude to go around, but that just makes for some pretty funny life moments .

So for all the dog-lovers who find themselves inadvertently trading teams, I feel you, dogg. I get it. But give the felines a chance. You just might grow to love them, even if they are sassy, bourgeois, snotty, etc. They really do have love to give, too.

Share you favorite feline-family photos, friends.