Luke 2:20 (NIRV) – “The shepherds returned. They gave glory and praise to God. Everything they had seen and heard was just as they had been told.”


Right after the birth of Jesus, God sent an angel to visit shepherds, in a nearby field. This angel announced the birth of Christ and the proof of his own word. Once he departed, the shepherds visited the place where they were told the baby had been born, and found him exactly where the angel said he’d be.

Through the prophet Samuel, God told David he would be king of Israel, while he was yet a boy. Years later, he claimed the throne and united the two kingdoms. In the book of Joshua, God told the children of Israel that the city of Jericho had been delivered into their hands, before they had been instructed to march around the stronghold. By faith, Joshua led his army to claim the city, just as the Lord said it would happen.

God keeps his promises. It may take a day; a week; a year; maybe a decade, but the Lord is definitely a promise keeper. If he says it, you can rest assured it will be done. The bible is chalked full of examples of God keeping his word.

If the Lord has promised you something, remember this: his word is a guarantee.