How’s Life Treating You, Young Brother?


Dear Mr. Moore,

It’s been awhile, since I reached out to you. I never expect any response because, honestly that’s not my purpose in reaching out anyway. How’s life treating you, young brother? I know that may read as a cliché opening, but think about that question seriously…for just a moment.

As a brother in Christ Jesus, it’s my job and my pleasure to pray for you. That is (after all) what the Body of Christ is supposed to do. If I step on a tack, my brain registers the pain; my muscles spring into action; my fingers work feverishly and fervently to remove the attacking object and then attend to the foot. That’s what the body does. It takes care of itself. The fingers don’t cater to the foot, because they want the feet to take them somewhere in return for their services. They simply act because they are all different parts of the same body. As members of the Body of Christ, we should want to cater to one another, even from afar.

How’s life treating you, young brother?

From the perspective of a fan, I’ve seen changes in your public life. There’s no condemnation or judgment here; it’s merely an observation. As the bar of your success continues to rise, things are moving in different directions, as if caught up in the tailspin of hurricane winds. People are upset over you dropping the “Christian Rapper” moniker. People are upset over your website dropping the “unashamed” battle cry. People are upset over your choices in the company you keep as of late. People are upset over your hairstyle. Imagine that. People are upset over your success as an artist. People are upset over your radio interviews; your television interviews; your private interviews. It seems that people are just upset. I’ll tell you what I am. I am…steady.

You may ask, “Steady. What does that mean? What’s that got to do with anything?”

It means, I’m keeping my eye focused on the Lord. It means, no matter what might be happening in the lives of some of my favorite Christian artists and scholars, my faith will never be dependent on them. Man has the capacity to fail at some point. We can never be perfect. But God is the same today, as He was yesterday, as He will be tomorrow. I keep my focus on the Lord, and a distant watchful eye on everyone else. No matter what may happen in the lives of people, I know that as a single part of the entire Body of Christ, God would want me praying for those who are also His followers.

How’s life treating you, young brother?

You’ve come a long way since I first heard of an artist named “Lecrae” almost 10 years ago now. A Christian rapper, with word-play skills to match any of the secular artists of that day, and the music production to rival mainstream hip hop anthems?! I was hooked from “Rebel”. To this day, “Overdose” (off the Rehab: The Overdose album) is still one of my favorite tracks of all time; dude…of all time! Your lyrics were straight pushing Jesus, the Gospel and the Word.

As times changed, so did the music. With each follow up album, the message remained…but something was different. The lyrics began to take on more social issues and a bit less eternal kingdom. At the same time, each new album was increasingly more successful and accepted on the mainstream stage than its predecessor. Now…for the record…I am NOT a professional album critic, nor do I follow the musical charts for a living. In my little corner of the world, I can remember a time when no one knew of the Christian rapper Lecrae. Today, the rapper Lecrae is a household name among the millennials, both inside and outside of the Body of Christ. I would imagine that amount of work takes a toll somewhere. Something eventually has to give.

How’s life treating you, young brother?

Are you doing okay? I know you have responsibilities that I can’t fathom. I know you make decisions knowing someone somewhere is going to be mad at your choices. I know that 37 doesn’t exactly feel like 27 anymore, does it? Rookie. Talk to me when you reach 44. I know that more money inherently brings more problems in some fashion.

But honestly, all that is meaningless. The real question underneath the recurring question is this: is God still your source? Are you finding yourself going deeper in your relationship with Jesus, or are you distracted by the constant challenges of your everyday life? Don’t misunderstand me, brother. This isn’t any type of accusatory piece.

My life is pretty simple. I get up; go to work; provide for the family; play my music; occasionally write; play my games; go to sleep; rinse and repeat. Somewhere in that jumble of everyday monotony, I make time to seek the Lord. But even in my simple life, I still have to take a step back and figure out if I’m actually growing in Christ, or just existing off the past gift of his salvation? Am I living a fruitful life for Him; am I just coasting through one day at a time, stuck on one level; or am I actually slipping back into an old life I vowed never to return to?

By comparison, I see your very public life as insane by my personal standards. The places you visit, the things you see, the millions of people you try to influence, the businesses, the relationships, the professional music and maintain a positive role as husband and dad?! Only by the grace of the Lord, can one maintain such a lifestyle. And there is no way you can carry that spiritual load on your own. You are, after all, one piece of the entire Body of Christ.

That’s why I ask. That’s the purpose behind this letter. A lot of people have written you off as falling away from the faith, based on some of your public decisions and declarations. Personally, I don’t know about that. But what I do know is that, when a brother seems to be in need, the Body of Christ should be there to lift him up. It doesn’t matter if you’re Lecrae the rapper or LaCray, one of the waiters at the drabby corner diner off 76th and MLK Blvd. Both are professing Christians; both are men living in a fallen world; both could use the prayers of the saints from time to time.

Young brother, tonight let me ask you sincerely: how’s life treating you? Can I pray for you, for any specific reason? We all pray in general for those we don’t know personally. But when you really want to see God move, trying praying specifically; I’m talking about pinpoint specific. I’m one part of the same body you’re a part of. How can I help through prayer? I’m not hard to find, so reach out and tell me.


Your brother in Christ,




Thankful In All Things


I Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV) – “Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Verse 16 tells us to “be joyful always”: not easy to do, but the joy of the Lord conquers the toughest of trials, if we allow ourselves to trust in him.

Verse 17 tells us to “pray continually”: we’re not talking about constant, deep, time consuming prayers that would eventually impede on your daily life tasks. I think what Paul is talking about is developing a heart and attitude of prayer, where you constantly speak with the Lord throughout the day. Anything from small desires to dire needs can be addressed when we have an attitude of prayer throughout the day. There doesn’t need to be a specified time.

Verse 18 says give thanks in all circumstances. My bible notes make it clear that evil does not come from God. As I said last night, we live in an imperfect world. Evil is everywhere. But, I believe we need to thank God even while we are in the midst of the storm; we should thank him for walking us through the trials. It’s hard to see God when we’re in the middle of a struggle, but know that he is there beside us; guiding our steps and helping us to persevere.

The content of these three verses doesn’t come naturally to us. In fact, we have to diligently practice them. Learning to be thankful in all things teaches us to love and respect the God who created everything.

Point And Pull The Trigger


Hey Christian, you do realize you’re a soldier in the Lord’s army, do you not? Yeah, that’s right! You are a soldier, fighting among the ranks of the greatest army ever known to creation. Soldiers have a purpose. Soldiers have a task. Soldiers pull weight among their brothers and sisters.

I’m sure we’ve never heard of a soldier training his sights on an enemy combatant, watching that enemy raise his own weapon in the direction of our hero, and the hero stops to think, “Huh, maybe I should pull the trigger before he shoots me…or maybe I’ll just wait to see what happens.”

Idiot, point and pull the trigger! You don’t sit around and wait for the enemy to steal from you; to take your life and possessions freely; to bully and intimidate you without retaliation. That type of soldier is not a hero. He’s a victim. He’s a liability adding dead weight to the unit as a whole.

When put in these terms, doesn’t it seem obvious that this type of person is not fit to serve? And yet, we as Christians behave the same way every day. Here’s what we have a tendency to do.

“Lord, please fix my problem. Amen. Somebody pass me a beer!”

Okay, maybe that example was a bit extreme, but it was meant to convey our attitude toward the Lord. Some of us will toss a single, simple prayer up to God and expect him to pull a miraculous blessing for us. That’s not even the worse part. That single prayer, is the only prayer we throw at the problem; no bible reading; no meditation on the word; no diligent and fervent prayer; no increased church attendance; no fasting; just that single simple prayer. We sit on our blessed assurances, waiting on the Lord to come knock on our door to deliver the miracle.


“Hey, how’s it going? I have a delivery here, from God. Can you just sign at the bottom? Who’s winning the game by the way?”

“The Lions. Thanks chief. Give my regards to the Lord for me, will ya?”

Do you know what the word “fervent” means? The dictionary defines it as, “having or displaying a passionate intensity.” James 5:16 (NKJV) says, “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another that you might be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Now, in the context we’re discussing, healing and trespasses aren’t on the table. But, what I really wanted to point out is the latter portion of this scripture: “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Family, we cannot expect God to act on our behalf if we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do. Studying scripture and fervent prayer are the basics for developing a relationship with the Lord. If you are not partaking in those two very basic activities, you’re nothing more than a dead-weight soldier carrying a gun around the battlefield for show. Point and pull the trigger! The enemy is firing at you, and you’re literally standing around waiting to be killed. Soft prayer and random bible reading does nothing for the kingdom. You’re going to have to get deep down in the mire of prayer life; in the thick jungles of the bible’s environment.

It’s a new year. It’s a new month. It’s a new day. Make today the day you step up your action plan for your walk through the Christian faith. You are a soldier! Strap on your boots, get off the sideline, pick up your weapon (the word), and start firing consistently at the enemy! When you get behind God, I guarantee He’s going to get behind your needs.

Praying It Forward


Praying It Forward.

This is bigger than a Facebook challenge. Get involved y’all. We could all use a little help from friends and strangers alike.

Praying It Forward


Today, I’m gonna start #PrayingItForward. There are a lot of bad events happening not just around the world, but in our own back yards. It seems that Satan is having a field day with our peace. I think we underestimate the real power behind prayer. It works, but only through faith. It works because God wants it to; simple as that.

It’s easy to pray for a friend or loved one you stay in constant contact with. But, what about standing in the gap for an acquaintance; what about praying for someone who was once, or maybe still is, an enemy? What about that friend you haven’t kicked it with in some years? What about that family member who laughs at your belief? These folks experience hard times and have bad days too. The difference is, when tragedy hits, they may not know who to turn to. We’re all just regular people trying to find our niche in life. We could all use God’s help.

With all the stupid challenges I see posted on Facebook (Fire, Winter, Ice Water?), I’m gonna start my own challenge. Here’s the deal folks: I challenge everyone to pick a friend, acquaintance or enemy (whatever the case may be) and lay down some prayer for that person. You don’t have to post your prayer; we’re not advertising here. I don’t advocate Pharisee-type behavior. But what I would ask is that after you’ve prayed for that someone, you send them this: “#PrayingItForward”. Only they will know. My hope is that they will, in turn, pray for someone else. Remember, the goal here is not really to stand in prayer for someone you’re warm and fuzzy with. Chances are, we do that anyway. No, the idea and the challenge is to stand in the gap for someone who you might not be too familiar with. Yeah, maybe you’re Facebook friends, Twitter pals, or say, “Hi” at the grocery store. But, besides that weak interaction, you know nothing of one another. That’s the guy or gal this is for; that person who is going through a rough patch.

I’m starting this off, so I get to break my own rule, on behalf of a brother who’s going through some rough times right now.

“Lord, today I stand in the gap for my brother Cle ‘Crushar’ Clark.

When we were kids, we didn’t always see eye to eye, but as grown men, I see him trying his best to do right by his family. Right now, Satan is trying his best to claim his family, and to claim Cle’s peace of mind. Enter his heart, Lord. Grant him grace and mercy like only you can. Guide him through this difficult time in his life, and lead him into a better tomorrow.

Lord, help him to accept loss of life, even without understanding it. Help him to realize that you are in control of everything, at every moment, everyday. We never know when our time to meet you may come. I pray today, that the tragedy this brother faces might bring him closer to you, and that through him, his living family might see and come to know who you really are…and that you DO exist. In your name, I pray these things over my brother, Lord Jesus. Amen”

This was originally started as a Facebook post before walking out the door to work this morning. But, as I wrote this it, I realized, “this thing is bigger than Facebook. People are really hurting out there beyond my door. God calls us to pray for people and to spread His gospel anyway.” So I’m sharing this with everyone in hopes that this things actually goes viral.

Today, pray for someone who really needs God’s touch in their life. Pray for someone who could really use a miracle. Pray for someone who’s at the end of their line. While the apparent suicide of Robin Williams caught everyone off guard, I wonder would he still be here, if enough people had prayed for him? Make this happen today, tomorrow, all week, all month and for the rest of the year people. Let’s pray it forward.