God is Love


God is love. At times, the love is harsh and cold as he rebukes our sinful lifestyles. Other times, the love is tender and nurturing, like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. Whether the love is compassionate or contemptuous, its all God watching over His children. 

In His omnipresence, He is everywhere at once, overseeing all. His love abounds. God sees everything we encounter; every experience; every thought; every dream; every action. He’s all around us, inhabiting the smallest blade of grass, and throughout the massive clouds in the sky. No detail is too small, or too large to escape the Lord’s sight.  For those who are His faithful, everything in life aligns to glorify His majesty. Not all things work out for the best at all times, but through His love, all things work toward His glory.

God is love, and love never fails. Even when we find ourselves in the midst of struggles beyond our control, God is there watching over us. Our faith may be challenged, but by perservering, our faith sees us through the struggles. Through belief in Him, God gently leads us through the storms of life.

God is love, and love never fails.

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