The Darkness Behind Closed Eyes

I close my eyes and I see
There is a darkness that consumes all light
Any shred of hope, wishful thinking, and promises, have dissipated
There is nothing in the darkness
Happiness scatters; joy flees
In the darkness there is nothing
Fear resides here; shame; a pain that aches deep within the soul
This is the realm of the demon; this is his domain
Here in the darkness, he holds me captive
I am forced to hear his words; to listen to his lies
In the absence of the truth, my ears clamor to believe anything
In the darkness destruction is assured.
But somewhere…deep within the bowels of the darkness, I hear a voice
A voice of hope; a voice of instruction
It tells me to hang on, just a little while longer
For the darkness cannot last forever.
Somewhere in the deep, I hear hope
Hope tells me, “Open your eyes, and see”.
I open my eyes
And there is light.

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